What happens to Bilal & Shaida after the 90-day season of “The Bride”? (Spoilers)



The 9th season of the series “Bride for 90 Days” is coming to an end, and viewers want to learn more about the controversial couple Bilal Hazziz and Shaida Suin. The couple quickly fell in love after they met online, but Bilal didn’t want to let his guard down. Because of his insensitive and mean-spirited antics, he was awarded the title of villain this season. After meeting on the Internet, Bilal flew to Trinidad and Tobago to meet his beloved, and they immediately found a common language. A week later, the couple got engaged. However, their engagement did not prevent Bilal from hiding his wealth and valuables from Shaida when she came to the United States.

When Shaida finally arrived, Bilal brought her to his rundown childhood home as a “harmless prank” to determine if she was a gold digger. After a whirlwind of gaslighting, Bilal from 90 Day Fiancé demanded a marriage contract. Uncomfortable with the idea of a marriage contract, Shaida decided to change the contract according to her needs, which again led to a change in the dynamics in their relationship. Considering that within two years she will have children, and the profits of her company will remain with her, it seemed that Shaida and Bilal were not destined to walk down the aisle.

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Despite the ups and downs in Shaida and Bilal’s relationship, several sources have reported that they are married. In addition to the marriage certificate found at the county clerk, a photo of Bilal and Shaida appeared in May. According to the Cheat Sheet, a fan noticed Bilal and Shaida spending time together in the pool. Another source also reported that Bilal and Shaida from 90 Day Fiancé appeared together on the set of the episode “Tell Everything”. According to Starcasm, the source claims that all the couples from season 9 were still together, including Shaida and Bilal.

In addition, their social media also seems to imply that the chaotic couple is still together. In addition to the attached photo with Shaida on Bilal’s Instagram, at the end of May he published their joint video. Earlier that month, Shaida also posted a video of the two of them. About two weeks earlier, she also posted a photo of herself with gifts from Bilal, which were an apology for his prank. As a result, it turned out that the couple is still together and working on their relationship.

In the end, viewers were not sure that Shaida’s relationship from the 90-day-old groom and Bilal would reach the altar. Because of their communication problems and pre-marriage, the couple’s chances of success seemed unlikely. Moreover, it was difficult for them to agree on the content of the marriage contract, which made fans wonder if both partners got what they wanted in the contract. In general, the rumors have not been officially confirmed by the couple, so fans are looking forward to what the couple has in store for future episodes of the 90-day Groom.


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