What happens if astronauts get sick in space?


People are sick in space as well as in the world. “What would happen if astronauts were caught with the corona virus?” Very few people know the answer to the question.

It is not yet known to which regions the corona virus outbreak can be transmitted, but the virus outbreak has already affected many countries around the world. Virus cases have been observed, and case news has started to come in countries day by day.

One of the questions raised by the Corona virus epidemic is what astronauts in space do in their disease. Astronauts are also infected with diseases as much as people on Earth. Jonathan Clark, at NASA, said that astronauts may suffer from upper respiratory tract infections, colds, skin infections, and urinary tract infections.

During the Apollo 7 mission in 1968, astronauts caught a cold in space. Clark said that Wally Schirra was probably on duty with a mild infection, and then infected the rest of the crew. Apollo 7 crew used the medicines that were with them for the disease. The crew became so complained of the disease that they refused to wear their helmets while entering the atmosphere.

NASA started quarantine astronauts before space mission to prevent astronauts from getting sick after Apollo 7 mission after similar disease events in Apollo 8 and Apollo 9 missions.

Of course, there have been major changes in the medical intervention of astronauts since the Apollo 7 mission. The developing communication technologies provide astronauts to be helped remotely. Specialists are able to provide remote assistance to an astronaut who has a blood clot problem. At the same time, medical aid from the Earth is delivered to astronauts when necessary.

The processes of living diseases in a space environment can also be different. Viruses can be transmitted more easily in micro-gravity locations such as the International Space Station (ISS). The absence of gravity allows viruses to circulate freely. NASA is trying to use ventilation bays to avoid this. HEPA filters are also used with this task.

Scientists found that inactive viruses react to spaceflight. Jonathan Clark explained that antibiotics are less effective in microbial conditions in space. NASA quarantines astronauts at the start of space missions, as well as quarantine astronauts for viruses that can be brought from space upon return of mission. If there are no problems in quarantine, astronauts return to their homes.


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