What happened to the newcomer to Lightyear (did he die?)


Lightyear introduced the crews of Buzz Lightyear, and in the first of them there was a young man known as a Novice, but what happened to him in the rest of the Lightyear? Pixar continues to be a leader in the world of animation, and therefore there is always a lot of expectation and speculation around its projects. Pixar continues to release at least one movie a year, and in 2022 they presented two: the original story in “Blushing” and a return to the “Toy Story” franchise with Lightyear.

After much confusion about how Lightyear fits into the chronology of Toy Story, the opening card clarified the situation by explaining that it was the movie that young Andy watched in 1995 that made him a fan of Buzz Lightyear. Lightyear then follows space ranger Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans), who is trying to find his way home after being dropped off on a hostile planet with his commander and crew. Buzz’s attempts to return home force him to jump many years ahead, where he meets a new team and comes face to face with the evil Emperor Zurg (James Brolin), who is hiding a big secret.

Lightyear begins with Buzz and his commander and best friend Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba) exploring the habitable planet T’kani Prime. Buzz and Alisha are joined by Featheringhamstan (Bill Hader), their new recruit, who is simply called a Rookie, and he is not exactly the most experienced space ranger. Considering Buzz’s numerous travels, which caused him to miss many, many years of his life, after Alisha’s death, he teamed up with a completely new team – but what happened to the Newcomer?

Why did Lightyear just forget about the newcomer?!

T’kani Prime had several hostile life forms, mostly large flying insects and live vines, which attacked Buzz, Alisha and Novichok while exploring the planet. Buzz saved the Newcomer from these monsters, and the team rushed back to their ship, the Turnip, Buzz barely managed to get off the ground and crashed back to the planet, leaving them there in a predicament. After that, Lightyear focused only on Buzz and his various attempts to return home, as well as on Alisha’s life, while the Newcomer was completely forgotten. The newcomer wasn’t a character that had to develop and stay for a long time, and he was there just because of a joke about his hard-to—pronounce last name and to show that Buzz cares about his team no matter what – and, of course, of course, to show that he is a hero.

The newcomer wasn’t as important as Alisha after the team got stuck on T’kani Prime and they started working on how to get home, but his absence was so obvious and sudden that it left the question of what happened to him. . The newcomer, of course, survived and continued to work with the team, but since he showed his incompetence, he did nothing to stand out during this time. However, the Newcomer’s absence on the Lightyear gave way to several theories, including one that suggests that he died when Buzz crashed the ship, and that’s why Buzz wanted to turn to the marshal himself – not because the mission failed, but because the Newcomer died in an accident. Until Pixar offers an official explanation, the fate of the Newcomer to the Lightyear remains open to interpretation, but most likely he survived the crash and never stood out among the rest of the team.


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