What happened to Teri Reeves leaving as Hallie Thomas?


The popular Chicago Fire series has managed to have a large number of characters since its first season, but perhaps many do not remember Dr. Hallie Thomas, played by Teri Reeves, but what happened to her?

With the recent revelations of Chicago Fire season 9 and what could happen to the characters Herrmann (David Eigenberg) and Cruz (Joe Minoso). Fans remain in doubt if any of them will leave the series.

But Chicago Fire has had many characters that have entered and left the series, some very important, others not so important, but they have had some impact on it.

Like the departure of actress Teri Reeves, with her role as Dr. Hallie Thomas, which was a series regular during the first season of Chicago Fire, but was not destined to last long.

During the last episodes of the first season, Dr. Hallie was killed after receiving a blow to the head and the explosion of a premises affected her, dying in hospital. Hallie was Matt Casey’s wife.

The Chicago Fire producers did not give details of the departure of actress Teri Reeves, or the reason, but apparently this was already planned from the beginning of the series, to give more emotional weight to the series.


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