What happened to Royal & Angenette after leaving the Family Chantelle


Royal and Angenette Wiley had notable storylines in the second season of “The Family Chantelle” before the couple completely disappeared from the spin-off show “The 90-day Groom.” Their departure made many viewers think about what happened to Chantelle’s older brother Jimeno and his wife. Although Royal and Angenette decided not to appear in further seasons of The Family Chantel, they shared some exciting life news with their subscribers.

Chantel may be the star of The Family Chantel, but her three siblings also have storylines. The tension between Royal and his Filipino partner, Angenette, took center stage in the second season of the extra show after Chantelle’s family reluctantly accepted her Dominican-born husband, Pedro Jimeno. The family then turned their suspicions to Angenette, especially Chantelle and her mother Karen Everett. Royal aggravated the situation by complaining about his partner to his family, which further affected their relationship. Although Chantelle and Karen were accused of outshining Angenette at her wedding, she married Royal.

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The second season of “Family Chantelle” ended with Royal and Angenette getting married, despite the tension between Angenette and her relatives. Many viewers thought there would be a couple next season; however, they were surprisingly absent from the first episode. It turns out that Royal and Angenette no longer wanted to appear on The Family Chantel after fans put so much pressure on them about their marriage. The couple used their time away from the TLC cameras to start their own family. Angenette gave birth to a son from Royal in December last year. The birth of Angenette’s son makes Chantelle an aunt, and Everett’s parents, Karen and Thomas, the grandparents of a boy who is less than a year old.

When Royal and Angenette were last seen in The Family Chantelle, they did not have a good relationship with members of the Everett family. It seems that the relationship between Royal and his family has not completely improved, as Royal does not seem to spend as much time with his parents as his siblings. However, Royal and Angenette spent some time with them, despite the tension between Karen and Angenette. Royal and Angenette prefer to behave with restraint, and their son – away from attention. However, they were pictured at family events with both Karen and Chantelle, despite the fact that they left the family. It looks like the Everett family can celebrate important events with a couple, even if they are not close.

Many fans of The Family Chantel believe that it was right for Royal and Angenette to leave the spotlight. Angenette and Royal clearly did not have a perfect relationship, as many viewers criticized the way Royal treated her as his partner. However, the couple seemed to be able to focus on themselves and their baby away from the cameras. Thus, Chantel’s siblings, Riverkite Everett and Winter Everett remained in The Family Chantel together with their parents.