What happened to Lyle Mackenzie from the Southern Charm of Savannah


Lyle Mackenzie was one of the stars of the spin-off “Southern Charm”, “Southern Charm of Savannah”, and fans are wondering what he did after the end of the series. “Southern Charm,” filmed in Charleston, South Carolina, became such a big hit that Bravo decided to recreate its magic in Savannah, Georgia. The spin-off starred a couple of Lyle and his then girlfriend Catherine Cooper, as well as members of their tight-knit group of friends.

Lyle and Catherine’s relationship has been a big topic of conversation for two seasons. Being school sweethearts, it seemed self-evident in their group of friends that they would get married. However, there were rumors that Catherine was cheating on Lila, which she categorically denied. Although Lyle tried to hush up the matter, Catherine’s reluctance to commit prompted him to take the plunge. In the finale of the first season of The Southern Charm of Savannah, Lyle surprised Catherine with a proposal that did not end well.

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In the second season of Savannah’s Southern Charm, the rejected Lyle had to deal with the uncertain future of him and Katherine. After the franchise was canceled, fans wondered how Lyle was doing. It seems that Lyle has left Catherine, as the southern beauty has not appeared on Lyle’s Instagram account since the end of season 2. In posts from 2020, Lyle is pictured with a woman named Sarah, and it appears they were in a relationship at the time. It’s unclear if they’re still together, since he hasn’t been active on his account since.

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According to Lyle’s past Instagram posts, he remained close with his co-stars in The Southern Charm of Savannah, such as Louis Oswald and Daniel Eicholz. Louis caused a stir in the second season when he blew up on his girlfriend Hannah Pearson in Turks and Caicos and stormed away. Like Lyle and Catherine’s relationship, Louis and Hannah’s personal life collapsed and did not last longer than the short-lived Bravo series.

Fans were disappointed when “The Southern Charm of Savannah” was not renewed for a 3rd season. Many fans have suggested that Lyle and Katherine’s relationship didn’t work out after her parents forced her to move in with him in season 2. the relationship caused a lack of a main storyline for reality TV stars. Savannah’s “Southern Charm” star Nelson Lewis may have also ended the series after receiving a backlash for using a religious slur against Daniel. Although he didn’t know it was offensive and apologized to Daniel, many viewers criticized his ignorance. “The Southern Charm of Savannah” wasn’t as well received as the original “Charleston” franchise, but fans still fondly remember how the cast entertained them for two seasons.