What happened to Kira after Solo: Star Wars. Stories”


While Emilia Clarke’s Kira was Han Solo’s first love, as shown in Han Solo: Star Wars. Despite the fact that the story of Ki’ra from Star Wars has not yet been presented in any of the subsequent films or streaming series, her story has been continued in other Star Wars media, primarily on the current pages of the canonical Marvel Comics series taking place between The Empire Strikes. Back and Return of the Jedi. In it, Kira has technically reunited with Han Solo, turned Boba Fett into an enemy and is plotting to raise Crimson Dawn to great heights as her new leader.

In a financially unsuccessful Solo, Kira joined Han, Chewie and Tobias Beckett in their work to collect coaxium for Dryden Vos, a public figure of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate. However, Ki’ra decided to stay after she killed Vos, wanting to take his place as the second person after the true leader of the Dawn Darth Maul, a former student of the Sith Darth Sidious. Now the comics are currently showing what happens to Ki’roi after Solo, especially in the recent crossover event “The Bounty Hunter War”, as well as in the new series “Crimson Realm”, both of which are written by writer Charles Soule.

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In The Bounty Hunters’ War, it is revealed that Ki’ra has become Lady Ki’ra, leading the reborn Crimson Dawn in the days after The Empire Strikes Back. After Obi-Wan Kenobi killed Mola in the years leading up to New Hope, Ki’ra restructured and significantly expanded Crimson Dawn, deploying agents throughout the galaxy. She also stole Han Solo in his carbonite prison from Boba Fett while he was on his way to deliver him to Jabba the Hutt, auctioning the smuggler in a master scheme to pit the Hutt clans and the Empire against each other. Eventually Fett returned Solo and handed him over to Jabba. Since then, Lady Kira has moved on to the next stage of her plans with Crimson Reign, using her extensive network of agents and assassins (including the first Knights of Ren) in a campaign against Sidious and Darth Vader themselves. So, what’s Kira’s off-screen Star Wars journey like after that?

Kira won’t kill Vader or the Emperor, but it still matters

Lady Ki’ra also spoke with Princess Leia, where she admitted that Han Solo is better off with Leia, despite many doubts about Han and Leia’s relationship, than with Ki’ra herself. She claims that Leia brings out the best in Han, while she brings out only the worst. This can be seen as a way to justify why Han thinks of Leia as the love of his life and not Ki’r, and never mentions Ki’r in the main Star Wars films. It is currently unknown how Kira’s story will end, although Kira’s narration from Star Wars definitely won’t lead to her killing the Emperor or Vader as she intended.

It is obvious that Luke Skywalker is responsible for the death of two powerful Sith. Nevertheless, the story of Ki’ra from “Star Wars” still has a great impact on the universe. Ki’ra is working to unite criminal syndicates across the galaxy, including the capture of Cadelia, who was the heiress of both the Unbroken Clan and the Sorrowing Syndicate. Through this unification, Ki’ra seeks to create a new “hidden empire”. Since many Disney+ Star Wars characters are more interested in the street world of crime syndicates, it is likely that Kira’s actions will have serious consequences for the future of the franchise.

Why Ki’Ra is not in the original trilogy?

While Marvel’s Star Wars comics show that Kira was alive during the original trilogy and interacted with Han and Leia, her preferred method of dealing with issues from the shadows justifies her absence from the screen during the actual films. Just like Ki’ra left Han Solo, it seems that Han left her before (or when) he met Leia. The story of Ki’ra from Star Wars is still going on during the comics, so it’s possible that she was killed before the events of Return of the Jedi. No matter how her story ends, it could have serious consequences for future Star Wars.


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