What Happened to Jeon Boram? Former T-ARA Member Who “Disappeared” on The K-pop Scene


Although T-ARA returned as a group in 2020, only four members participated, with the exception of Jeon Boram. Due to her inaction on social media and on the entertainment scene, K-pop fans are wondering what happened to the idol.

Jeon Boram from 2008 to 2021: Family past, solo debut, T-ARA

Before she became a K-pop idol, the name Jeon Boram was already known on the K-pop scene as the eldest daughter of Korean superstar Jeon Young Rok, who dominated in the 70s and 80s. Her father reigned on the music scene as a singer and songwriter, who created many hits, as well as expanded his successful career as an actor.

Jeon Boram’s mother is also a South Korean veteran actress, Lee Mi-young, popular for her numerous roles as the “mother of the protagonist”.

It seems that the “celebrity genes” are indeed passed down in their family, as Jeon Boram also entered the music scene, following in her father’s footsteps as a soloist in 2008.

In 2009, the singer surprised everyone after MBK Entertainment introduced Boram as one of the members of its new female group T-ARA.

During its heyday, the team released many hits, such as “Roly Poly”, “Sexy Love”, “Day by Day” and others.

Despite her popularity, Boram left T-ARA and MBK after her contract expired in 2017 and decided to follow the same path as her mother.

However, she did not have a full-fledged activity, because she starred only in the mini-drama “Let’s talk about it” in 2020 and did not appear in public again after that year.

Boram also stopped posting about her life on social media in 2020, making her last post in 2021, where she congratulated T-ARA on their 12th anniversary.

Where is Jeon Boram in 2023? Idol status after “disappearing” on the music scene

In 2023, there are still no updates on Jeon Boram’s whereabouts or what she looks like now. Fans were expecting her to attend T-ARA’s Jien wedding last December, but she didn’t show up with Soen.

However, her mother, Lee Mi-young, talked about Jeon Boram from time to time despite her break.

In April 2022, the actress took part in “Immortal Songs” and confessed her dream of becoming a singer. She then mentioned Jeon Boram, saying:

“Boram helped me a lot (during the preparation for the broadcast). She also helped me sing the high notes, so it went up easily.”

But she opened it:

“I felt sorry for Boram during the preparation for the scene. I even envied my daughter on stage. Boram said she didn’t want to become a singer, but I forced her, packed her things and sent her to a training camp. It was so hard when I was a trainee, but I didn’t know that. After a week of practice, she said it was so hard.”


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