What happened to Daryl in the end? Is he in danger?

The The Walking Dead season 10 finale is opening the door to an original show finale, but what happened to Daryl in the final episode? Is he in danger?

Recall that Daryl, developed a unique relationship with Carol, and fans were delighted to hear about the upcoming spinoff series that focuses on the two characters.

But, Daryl has had his fair share of near misses in the original series, and his disappearance was teased numerous times during season 10.

They’ve often talked about visiting New Mexico, so the new series can see them take off in search of their first location. Or you can see flashbacks of what happened to them.

Daryl’s actor Norman Reedus has previously said that he was looking forward to Andrew Lincoln returning for the final season, so anything is possible.

For that reason there is a high probability that Daryl and Carol will leave the rest of the group to go out and find Rick, to make an epic comeback in the middle of some trouble.

Many fans have been thinking that Daryl and Carol could flee together, without a trace, in which they would find another group of survivors.

But, the reality is that these two characters cannot be missing for the final season of The Walking Dead, in fact, it is presumed that they will appear in some episodes of their spin-off, if they stay alive.

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