What happened to Astra? Explanation of Joanna Constantine’s Nightmare


Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for the first season of “Sandman”.

The nightmare episode in episode 3 of “The Sandman” centers around the sorceress Joanna Constantine and a girl named Astra. The details of the bad dream are not explained, except for a recurring nightmare about something from Joanna’s past. However, fans of the comic book character John Constantine are well aware of who Astra is, and the meaning of Joanna Constantine’s nightmare.

Joanna Constantine’s character in The Sandman has become a source of some confusion in the Netflix adaptation. When Jenna Coleman was listed in the first wave of casting announcements as a character named Joanna Constantine, it was assumed that she would play the role of Lady Joanna Constantine, who in the comics was the ancestor of the warlock John Constantine during the French Revolution. . However, it was later revealed that in the Netflix series The Sandman, Coleman plays both Lady Constantine and a new character based on John Constantine named Joanna Constantine.

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Although this change may seem arbitrary, it was necessary due to the fact that the rights to the role of John Constantine in real time were tied to J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the series “Constantine”. However, fans of the Hellblazer comic book series can take comfort in the fact that the 3rd episode of The Sandman is filled with Easter eggs paying homage to the source material, even though Joanna Constantine becomes the John Constantine of this universe through her recurring dreams about Astra. .

Explanation of Joanna Constantine’s Nightmare

The nightmare that opens the third episode of The Sandman recreates the incident in Newcastle. The Newcastle incident, first described in Hellblazer #11, sent young John Constantine on the road to hell after he and a group of friends (collectively known as the Newcastle Crew) attempted to exorcise a demon that had been released by an unsuccessful summons executed by club owner Alex Logue. The same incident with the Newcastle Crew marked the beginning of the history of the series “Constantine” and was later mentioned in “Legends of Tomorrow”. Although John was able to send the demon back to hell, he couldn’t stop him from grabbing Alex’s little daughter, Astra Log, and taking her with him to hell.

The same thing happens in episode 3 of The Sandman, although Joanna Constantine works alone and not as part of a group of amateur occultists. However, the end result is the same: both John and Joanna were left clutching the severed hand of an innocent girl whom they could not save from the forces of evil. This leads to the fact that for many years we have been constantly dreaming about Astra, dragged into hell, until the Dream of the Infinite agrees to stop recurring nightmares as payment for their help in restoring the sandbag, which, along with the ruby and the Sandman helmet, was the source of his power. .

What Happens to Astra in DC Comics

In the comics, Astra Log remained trapped in hell until the end of the Critical Mass storyline in Hellblazer #96. The story pits John Constantine against the demon lord Buer, who ruled over all the innocent children hell has ever taken. With a little unwitting help from Aleister Crowley, John was able to outwit Buer and win the freedom of every child in hell, including Astra, allowing them to go to Heaven.

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A completely different fate awaited Astra Log in the Arrow universe, where she grew up in hell and became an independent demon. She became one of the villains of the 5th season of Legends of Tomorrow, joining forces with the ancient Greek god Fate to put an end to free will in the multiverse. Eventually, however, Astra saw the light and joined forces with the Legends, helping John Constantine regain his soul in the process.

Will Astra return in “The Sandman”?

It is extremely unlikely that Astra Log will still appear in the Netflix series “Sandman”. The character never appeared in the original Sandman comics, although John Constantine’s appearance in Sandman #3 did refer to his recurring nightmares about the incident in Newcastle and how he lost Astra in hell. John Constantine also didn’t appear in later Sandman releases, except for a cameo in extras, so it seems incredible that they took the time to solve this story for Joanna Constantine in Netflix’s Sandman when it wasn’t part of the original source material and better suited for a spin-off dedicated to her character. Although it is possible that Astra may appear in one of the later episodes of the second season of The Sandman, which takes place in hell, it will be at least a strange Easter egg.


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