What happened to actor Richard Schiff and COVID-19


Season 4 of The Good Doctor continues to advance each week on ABC, but, many fans have been wondering about Dr. Glassman’s actor Richard Schiff, who has not appeared due to his problems with COVID-19.

Richard Schifff’s health was complicated after contracting the COVID virus a few months ago, so his health was uncertain after the complications he had to face. But now he tells us about his experience.

During an interview for The Last Word, actor Richard Schiff clarified that he did not receive the virus while working on The Good Doctor set in Vancouver. He noted that despite all his and his wife’s best efforts to stay safe from the infectious disease, he contracted COVID.

“It’s like trying to get away from the sun,” he said. “He seems to be everywhere.”

“He’s scarier than you’ve read and scarier than you’ve heard,” he warned.

The actor revealed that during his hospitalization, it led him and her husband to have serious conversations about his health and possible death of him from the virus. Watch the interview here.

Schiff said that from personal experience, the virus “wanted to prevent him from breathing” so it had depleted his energy and strength. At the moment the actor is still resting in his house with his husband.

The actors are expected to get a little more rest and regain their energy, so that they can return to season 4 of The Good Doctor in due course.


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