What Happened Between Kanye West and Jeffrey Star? Here Is The Chronology of Their Controversial Relationship


Kanye West dated Jeffrey Star? The singer was married and then divorced his wife Kim Kardashian after the birth of four children. They were considered one of the most stylish couples in the industry. Unfortunately, differences of opinion led to the fact that their paths diverged, but soon after, the singer Donda began to enjoy his lonely life.

He has been associated with many celebrities, including Italian-American model Julia Fox. Now that the Internet is filled with rumors and celebrity connections, one of them in particular has sent everyone away. It was about Kanye West’s alleged affair with social media star and multimillionaire Jeffrey Star. Was the rumor true?

Did Jeffrey Star and Kanye West have an affair?

Back in 2020-2021, Ye was associated with several personalities after breaking up with Kim Kardashian. One of these personalities was YouTube star Jeffrey Star. According to Forbes, Jeffrey Star even commented on the whole rumor and said, “It’s so weird… it’s so stupid. Let me say this once… I like very tall men.” In confirmation of this, he posted a video on YouTube called “Solving the situation with Kanye.” It all started with the fact that the Star posted his selfie with the caption: “I’m ready for Sunday service.” At that time, Ye was known for being interested in prayers and Christianity.

The story first broke out on TikTok through influencer Ava Louise, who stated that Ye had met with the personality on social media. Although she didn’t directly mention Star’s name, she said it was someone religious. It was enough for everyone to guess how they started looking for clues. Both Ye and the owner of the cosmetics brand lived in Wyoming at the time. Even a source close to the Kardashian family categorically denied the rumor.

You have also been linked to Irina Shayk and Yasmin Lopez, among others. Currently, the singer is not connected with anyone, as he himself is experiencing financial difficulties and is going through a fall. Do you think he and Jeffrey Star ever had an affair? Comment on your thoughts.


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