What Fallout 76 should explore when returning to St. Petersburg


The latest update of Fallout 76 takes players to post-war Pittsburgh. Upcoming expansion called “Expeditions: Pitt” presents a familiar scene for longtime fans of the franchise, as this location was included in the Fallout 3 expansion pack of the same name.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for the gameplay and storytelling of Fallout 76, as it can use elements that were created in the Fallout 3 DLC. Of course, the two games happened 175 years apart. However, judging by the plot trailer of the “Expedition: Pitt”, it seems that this area is still in a similar state. Thus, Fallout 76 can delve into elements from The Pitt DLC for Fallout 3 to add to the knowledge of the location.

A little backstory of the “Pitt” DLC for Fallout 3

Pitt’s addition for Fallout 3 is the second official DLC for the game after Operation: Anchorage. In this expansion, the player is sent to a post-apocalyptic version of Pittsburgh, captured by raiders, and the infamous Pitt is the central center where slaves are forced to work in steel production.

A lone wanderer from Fallout 3 enters Pitt disguised as a slave and quickly becomes involved in a plan orchestrated by other slaves. They are tasked with finding a cure for a mysterious disease that has struck the inhabitants of the Pitt Wastelands — both raiders and slaves. The disease is known as troglodyte Degeneration infection (TDC), and it has affected most, if not all, of Pitt’s population.

TDC causes its victims to lose their minds by regressing into wild versions of themselves, known as Wild People. If the disease persists, the infected then turn into mutated creatures called throgs — perhaps one of the most creepy monsters in the Fallout franchise. There are many throgs lurking outside the Pitt central hub, so the slaves are in desperate need of a cure.

This is the basic premise of Fallout 3 The Pitt, and although it seems simple, the player is given several morally ambiguous choices throughout the Fallout DLC. As for Fallout 76, it can use some unique Pitt elements and use them to provide its online players with a unique experience.

Pitt’s Condition in Fallout 76

One of these elements of Fallout 76 may be a new setting. The plot trailer proves this with shots of industrial landscapes and a smoke-filled sky. And despite the fact that more than a hundred years have passed, it seems that the Raiders are still the ruling group in Pitt. In Fallout 76, this is a group known as the “Fanatics” who are “radiation worshippers”. It’s unclear if the fanatics use slaves the way the Raiders do in Fallout 3. Although, in any case, it would be interesting to see what distinguishes them from other raider factions.

In addition, Fallout 76 can take The Pitt DLC map for Fallout 3, and then expand and customize it to fit an earlier timeline. The trailer already shows scenes with factory territories and extensive underground passages, but there are more possibilities for verticality. Maybe allow players to climb factory roofs and travel around the map through a series of high ledges, like in the old Pitt DLC. This allows players to take a more complete look at post-war Pittsburgh before the events of Fallout 3.

However, there is more to Pitt than an industrial setting and raider gangs. While every famous place in the post—apocalyptic world of Fallout is irradiated, the state of Pittsburgh is a little different from the Appalachian Wasteland – it’s worse. Before the Great War in the Fallout universe, there were many operating factories in the Pittsburgh area that emit pollutants and harmful chemicals into the environment. When the bombs fell, radiation was allegedly mixed with toxic compounds, resulting in a TDC.

TDC before Fallout 3

With this in mind, Fallout 76 can demonstrate what TDC was like in the early stages. The plot trailer shows that throgs are already gathering on the underground levels of the location. However, the NPCs present in Fallout don’t seem to have the skin lesions that appear in infected people. Perhaps then this event occurs at a time when the disease has not yet spread among the local population.

It is also possible that Fanatics already know about the mysterious disease. Since they are described as “radiation worshippers”, they may glorify the Throgs as they are, in fact, the product of a special form of radiation in the area. Fallout 76 Expeditions Update: The Pitt can even demonstrate how the TDC epidemic started at the hands of these raiders. In fact, the Fanatics may well have been the first savages in the Pittsburgh area.

In general, the installation is a great opportunity to learn what TDC is and where it came from.