What Ethan Plath posted on Instagram ahead of Season 4


Before the premiere of the fourth season of “Welcome to Plattville”, Ethan Platt used his social networks to interact with viewers. We hope that the highly anticipated fourth season of the TLC franchise will show Ethan a better place with his parents, Kim and Barry Plath, while he works on his marriage to Olivia Plath. By viewing his posts, fans can learn more about Ethan’s life ahead of the newest installment of the popular series.

In the first season of “Welcome to Plattville,” it seemed that Platt’s eldest child, Ethan, had the perfect life. He had a loving family, a beautiful wife and the notorious white stockade. However, now all this has changed. Viewers watched as he had serious disagreements with his parents, and explained that he considered them mean. The third season revealed that Ethan and Olivia’s marriage had broken up, and Olivia finally asked for some space. Now, with the new season, fans are hoping that Ethan will be able to redeem himself and get his life back on track.

There’s no doubt that Ethan has had a hell of a year between family troubles, moving to a new city and trying to save his marriage. Viewers have been worried about Ethan’s state of mind for several seasons, since he doesn’t express his feelings very often. However, before the premiere of season 4, Ethan decided to post a few updates on social networks in the hope of contacting fans.

Ethan Rebels

Ethan posted a picture of him smoking a cigar, which really got his followers talking. Many felt that Olivia pushed him too far out of his comfort zone. Fans saw Ethan get a tattoo and leave his hometown, but were still shocked when he lit up. The dynamics of the couple have always been discussed in the series, and this is one of the sides of season 4 of “Welcome to Plattville”.

Ethan is a family man

The eldest son of Kim and Barry shared a reverse post in honor of Mika Plath, who left for Los Angeles. Ethan said that he lacked the opportunity to spend time with his brothers and sisters every day. The post made fans wonder if he was still reunited with his younger siblings. Kim was quite strict and forbade Ethan and Olivia to be around the children, as she considered them a bad influence.

Birthday boy

This year, the star of “Welcome to Plattville” celebrated his birthday in style. Ethan, Olivia, Moriah Plath and Micah went to Jamaica to enjoy the sun and spend time with their family. The trip took place right before the airing of the fourth season and pleased fans, as the older children of the Boards seemed to be doing well.