What does the winner of the 11th season of AGT Grace Van der waal do in 2022


Grace Vanderwaal appeared on America’s Got Talent when she was just 12 years old when she auditioned for season 11, and it’s time to share information about what she’s doing this year. As soon as she entered the stage, she won the hearts of the audience with her personality and stage charm. Her distinctly strong vocals combined with her ability to write her own music and play the ukulele attracted the attention of the audience and the judges.

Grace performed the original song I Don’t Know My Name, which earned her an ovation, as well as a Golden Buzzer award from Howie Mandela. The judges were sure that she would be in the final, exclaiming that she could become the next Taylor Swift. Then she performed three more original songs accompanied by her ukulele, which ensured her victory. This made her the second woman (and second youngest contestant) to win America’s Got Talent.

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A lot has changed for Saffern, a New York native, as she has grown up in the spotlight and found herself under pressure to meet the expectations of the public. Grace is now 18 years old, and she still releases music and uses it as a form of self-expression. Her personal style has changed, as has the music she creates. Her new song “Lion’s Den” was released only on July 15 and features a strong lyrical performance by AGT graduates and a unique voice. Although there is no ukulele in her latest tune, it demonstrates her storytelling talent. She writes songs that resonate with honesty. Her new song (via Grace Vanderwaal on YouTube) is presented below:


The weight of other people’s opinions may be hard to bear, but she is self-aware and confident in what she creates and how she decides to present herself to the world. The fact that she became a star at such a young age has fixed a certain version of her in the minds of some people, and these are preconceived notions that she is trying to destroy. In an interview with Seventeen, Grace played 17 questions and gave advice to people who would like to sing or play. She said: “Focus and live the art, just keep your priorities, and after that everything else will make sense.”

This is advice that Grace took to heart, as the AGT winner has remained true to herself throughout her path to fame and is now leading an adult life. She has not only a passion and talent for music, but also for acting. Her film debut was the main role in the TV series “Star Girl”, released in 2020 on the streaming platform Disney +. The film received excellent reviews, and the subsequent sequel, Hollywood Stargirl, in which Grace reprised her role, was released only on May 23. It is now available for streaming on Disney+.

Grace has come a long way since her debut on America’s Got Talent, and she didn’t take her career or success for granted. She is constantly working on projects and writing music that means something to her. She has proven that she can offer more, and at such a young age it is clear that her talent is only superficial.


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