What does the Gene Ring actually mean


Gene Takavich wears a familiar ring on his finger during the series “Better Call Saul” season 6 “Nippy” — that’s what this trinket really means. Finally, “Better Call Saul” resumes the Gin narrative after the season 6 premiere broke with tradition, completely ignoring the black-and-white timeline of the sequel. When viewers last saw Gene, his identity was established by an inquisitive taxi driver named Jeff (wait, is he really a taxi driver?!), and after an unsuccessful phone call to the Disappeared, the escaped lawyer decided to settle matters himself.

The 6th season of “Better call Saul”, the 10th episode is dedicated to how Gene solves all the issues himself. He admits Jeff’s inner frustration and offers a chance in a big way, preparing an ambitious robbery at the mall. Jeff gets a hefty fee, and Gene gets the leverage necessary to keep his secret identity a secret, assuring his accomplice that going to the police will lead to his own conviction for robbing a shopping center. However, before putting his plan into action, Jin digs into a hidden shoe box full of souvenirs. He pulls out a ring, puts it on his little finger and gets to work.

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This is Marco’s ring from the first season of the TV series “Better Call Saul”. Jimmy and Marco were close childhood friends, running scams as a sneaky duo. They relived the old days in the first season of the series “Better Call Saul”, but Marco died shortly after that. Then the mother of the deceased gave Jimmy a ring on her son’s little finger as a token of attention, and the lawyer still wears it during the series “Breaking Bad”. Marco’s ring is more than just a tasteless accessory, linking Jimmy to his “Slippin’Jimmy” crook roots. In the films Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, Jimmy fiddles with Marco’s ring whenever he contemplates a risky move, as if summoning his alter ego. It’s remarkably similar to how Walter White guided Heisenberg through a pork pie hat and sunglasses. Gene did not wear Marco’s ring in any of the previous scenes of the sequel “Better Call Saul”, but by wearing it during “Nippy”, he again assumes the image of Jimmy, which is necessary for the robbery of the mall.

Gene Takavich finally done with Jimmy and Saul Goodman?

Despite the latest scam, the 10th episode of season 6, “Better Call Saul,” strongly suggests that Gene Takavich has moved forward. In the dying moments of the episode, he chooses a shirt and tie, clearly belonging to Saul Goodman, from a recently robbed department store and carefully considers buying this new (old) uniform. In the end, Gene leaves Saul Goodman on the rack and walks away with his head held high. This moment proves that the alter ego of “Saul Goodman” is really dead.

The same is not necessarily true for Sliding Jimmy, who is a completely different being. When Gene walks into a department store before picking up a tie and shirt, a small glint on his left hand indicates that Marco’s ring remains in place (and even if not, it is ready and waiting in a cardboard shoe box). Saul Goodman—a heartless, morally devoid criminal—is dead and buried, but Slippery Jimmy—a roguish, lovable conman—is still at Gene’s fingertips when he needs it.

This balance was perfectly demonstrated by the robbery of the Gin shopping center “Better call Saul”. No one gets hurt, there are no real victims (not that robbing department stores is normal, obviously), and Gene abides by the agreement with Jeff. The “Nippy” scam is a mischievous prank in the classic style of Sliding Jimmy, which lacks the ruthlessly venomous wit of Saul Goodman. The “criminal defense lawyer” may be dead, but Sliding Jimmy is alive and well… when Gene lets him out to play.


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