What does the future “Vacation Mode” for WhatsApp do?


A new feature has arrived for the WhatsApp beta version. This feature prevents notifications from archived messages or falling on the messaging screen. The number of people who archive the messages of those he does not speak is substantial. On top of that, WhatsApp brings the holiday mode feature for archived messages. It is not yet clear whether this feature will be available to non-beta users.

WhatsApp new feature for archived messages

The vacation mode feature, which we encountered in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android users, has previously appeared in a different way. This feature, which includes the ignoring of archived messages, has been replaced by a new feature called ‘‘ holiday mode ”. The feature, which was previously stuck in the beta stage and could not reach the end users, can reach the end user with the new name.

WhatsApp arsivlenen mesajlar-00

If there is a conversation that you have archived in the current situation and a message comes from the person in that conversation, you get notifications and it falls on the main messaging screen. So it comes out of the archive. As such, archiving feature was meaningless.

In order to prevent this situation in WhatsApp, you will now be able to prevent these situations with the feature it has developed. The message received in the archive will remain in the archive until you remove it from there. In addition, there will be no new notifications and messages.

The feature, which was previously stuck in the beta phase, is expected to reach the end user with the name of holiday mode.


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