What does Suga look for in a girl? Find out if you can be his future girlfriend


These are the aspects that the future girlfriend of BTS’s Suga must have, knows all the characteristics of the girl of his dreams. Suga seeks that his partner has these physical characteristics , tastes and character. He knows all the details of his ideal girl.

Min Yoongi is a boy very focused on his idol career , the performer of ‘The Last’ is one of the most important musicians and creatives within the Korean music industry , he has worked with great K-pop figures like IU, Suran and Lee Sora.

Suga has a great professional career, independently, the BTS rapper brings out his most critical side with Agust D , his alter ego who analyzes the world, society and is in charge of capturing it in his raps.

With BTS , Suga is one of the performers that represent the K-pop phenomenon , each new project of the male group becomes a sales success and is placed in the best positions within the charts.

The idol originally from the city of Daegu , on different occasions has expressed what he is looking for in a girl , the character that his future girlfriend should have , her tastes and the special way in which she wants to feel when she is in love.


Suga of the Bangtan Boys considers that the girl of his dreams should be younger than him, although age would not be an impediment to the idol of Big Hit Entertainment if she is true love.

The BTS rapper prefers that his future girlfriend be shorter than he is, that she be an elegant person, with great internal and external beauty. Suga has expressed that he could go out with a fan.

A look that Suga considers very attractive in a girl is an outfit made up of: A leather jacket, tight pants and comfortable tennis shoes, the idol believes that someone’s dress speaks volumes about his personality .

Due to Suga’s personality , the idol would like his girl to be a person with a very calm and peaceful character, who enjoys doing everyday things and loves the presence of the rapper.

The one represented by Big Hit Entertainment thinks that it is essential that his girlfriend have great gifts for comedy, because, although he does not laugh as much, he wants to enjoy funny and unique moments with his partner .

Suga of BTS hopes his future bride has a character very positive to encourage him to continue producing music and career, also to make you feel that everything in life will be fine if you are on the side of it.

Min Yoongi hopes that his ideal girl loves music as much as he does, with similar tastes in artists and rhythms, to share tracks, spend incredible moments listening to music. A person who enjoys sleeping and resting all the time.

Suga is willing to have a long-distance relationship, the music producer is not closed to love and believes that his ideal partner can be in any country in the world. WOW, what do you think of this point?

The ideal girl from Suga is a simple person, with great feelings, who makes him feel comfortable in all circumstances, who is mature to fix misunderstandings that arise, intelligent and who is not afraid to show his own personality.


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