What does Kai look for in a girl? Learn


Jongin is one of the most famous idols in Korean pop, what is his ideal type? Find out the personality, characteristics, and appearance that the EXO member looks for in his future partner.

Love is a topic that K-pop idols keep secret, but many times fans have doubts about the aspects that their favorite stars look for in their future partner, girlfriend or wife.

EXO’s Kai has dated some girls like Krystal from group f (x) or Jennie from BLACKPINK, so we could say that his ideal type is an elegant, slender person with charming beauty.

In dancer and singer of the SM Entertainment agency, he has revealed that if a girl likes him or catches his attention, he does not take the initiative to demonstrate his intentions, he first meets his to find out if there is chemistry between the two.

Do you want to know what characteristics Kai’s ideal girl should have? This time we will tell you the aspects that Kai is looking for in his future partner such as: his character, appearance, tastes and age. Do you think you could be the perfect girlfriend for the EXO member?



Kim Jongin has shared that he can date girls 3 years younger than him and 1 years older, so this is the age range he is looking for in his future girlfriend.


Kai finds girls with a cute appearance, white skin, that their style is natural, that they do not need many elements to highlight them. A person who cares about his health and eats properly.

On the subject of height, Kai has stated that he would feel comfortable with a girl who is between 1.67 and 1.69 meters.


Jongin hopes that his future girlfriend will have a kind, dreamy and gentle character, just like him, so that the two of them have a good balance during their relationship.

Someone who is passionate about their work, shows themselves to be responsible, dedicated and who identifies with having a good conversation. Kai believes that a pure and warm heart is the proof that a person is sincere, so he hopes that the girl of his dreams fulfills this trait.


EXO’s Kai’s ideal girlfriend must really like children, living with them, taking care of them and spending hours playing, sharing the same tastes in movies, series and music.


The EXO member believes that an element that cannot be missing from his future girlfriend is that he always shows his support, that he encourages him to achieve new goals, in his professional face and in his private life.

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