What does Jake Fulger do after the 9th season of “Under the Deck”


Jake Fulger made an indelible impression during the 9th season of “Below Deck“, and fans are dying to know what he does. He became well known for his on-screen connections with Fraser Olender and Rayna Lindsay, as well as for openly talking about his relationship with his ex-fiancee Paris Field. Fans loved watching Jake on the show and were upset when he wasn’t at the reunion. He is best known for spending most of his time naked, as well as for his cheerful personality.

Since the “Under Deck” was closed, Jake has undergone some major changes. Fans were curious why the star wasn’t at the reunion “Below Deck”. It looks like Jake has been through a lot in his personal life. His then-fiancee Paris later broke off the engagement, and he was very open about his mental health. After the show ended, Jake went home to London and told the fans that he needed to take care of himself. However, the show had nothing to do with his problems.

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On Instagram, Jake asked questions and answers about his absence from the reunion. Fans were quick to comment on the fact that they couldn’t wait to see him at the event. However, Jake answered some questions by saying that he would not participate in the Lower Deck reunion. One of the subscribers asked: “Why won’t you be at the reunion?” Jake replied that he “broke his brain.” He told the audience that he had dealt with a lot even before appearing on the show, and he needed time to fight his demons and work on himself. Although Jake did not go into details, he said that he was undergoing therapy to solve some problems. He came to the conclusion that he wanted to talk openly about his mental health and would continue to try to help others by sharing his story.

Fans applauded Jake for his honesty about his mental health and personal life. Those who look at IG stars “Below Deck” know that he pays great attention to his well-being. Jake posts photos of his loved ones and outdoor recreation, and his photos show how he spends time with friends and family. He still believes that the time spent on the series was a great experience, and he does not refuse to return. In fact, he made it clear to the fans that he would be returning to the show. However, right now he wants to focus on himself. Followers were glad to hear that he did not give up “Under the Deck”, as he is such an interesting and quirky character to watch.

He is interested in strengthening his mental health and finds time to work on himself. Fans are happy to see that Jake is taking such important steps. With his admission that he’s not done with “Below Deck” yet, viewers are looking forward to what happens to him next. Fans of “Below Deck” hope that he will appear on the screens again, and support his current journey. They wish him good luck with his health, personal life and career.