What does it mean to dream of your partner?


What does it mean to dream of your partner? Discover the interpretation behind the dreams you have with your boyfriend.

Love is one of the most complicated things in the world, interpersonal relationships involve many feelings, interests, fears and points of view of two people. Being in a relationship is having someone who supports you, loves you and inspires you to be better, but it can also bring out the worst in you when you are not compatible in something or do not agree on certain things.

Dreaming of your partner does not always mean love and that it is on your mind all the time, it is not synonymous with being in love. That your boyfriend appears in a dream can reflect the emotions you have regarding many things in your relationship, fears, problems, doubts, insecurities, desires, among others.

Remember that dreaming is the representation of a repressed desire, it is a way in which your mind frees itself from the situations that generate stress and that you keep locked up, so your subconscious tries to warn itself about something or reflects it through these fantasies nocturnal. The mind is not only limited to people, it also addresses animals such as scorpions, but there is always a meaning behind dreams.


Your heart can be a great ally, but it also learns to listen to your mind and to interpret what it wants to tell you. Things may be resolved with better communication, being more sure of yourself, evaluating your relationship or attending couples therapy or within all the good things are only indicators of a change in your life, romantic desires and love for your boyfriend.

Have a wedding

Although they seem cute, don’t get your hopes up. These dreams are not a prediction that your boyfriend will propose to you, having a dream wedding means a change in your social relationships, it can be something significant or a fear of changes.


It might sound like a nightmare, whether you do it or your boyfriend does it, it can hurt and you will wake up a little overwhelmed. You can interpret these dreams as a betrayal of yourself, whether you do things you do not want just to please your partner or it is a warning that there are problems that must be solved and somehow your mind “escapes” from it by finding a new one. love.


kiss each other

It is a good dream, it practically means that you love your boyfriend and want to be with him, the more intimate the kiss, the more you miss him, although if you kiss another boy, it may mean that your relationship no longer satisfies you. .

Be pregnant

Do not panic, it does not mean that something has happened that they did not have planned, whether you have suggested yourself, actually dreams with babies or motherhood mean that you will undertake a new project with your boyfriend, in addition to feelings of purity. It is just a big change that will come to your life.


You may be repressing some things that you have not said, arguing with your partner in dreams only shows the desire you have to say something, so you must take into account that it is important to resolve any misunderstanding and always assert your opinion.



Do not be alarmed, it does not mean that you have feelings for him, perhaps there was something that was pending, that you did not say or they are only good things that you learned from your time together and they remain in your memory, that is why it appears in your dreams.


Don’t be scared, it’s nothing bad. Of course, if there are health complications it is better to attend to them in time, but dreaming of this event is not premonitory, it means that there will be a change or a stage will come to an end, that is why it is represented with death.

Couple breakup

It may represent the insecurity you have about yourself or some things with your partner, it also reflects the anguish that it causes you to have certain discussions that must be fixed, because sometimes the lack of communication wears out relationships.


Love ends

If you dream that you stop loving that boy, it may be the correct meaning, the relationship is already worn out and you no longer have an interest in him, but it can also represent the insecurity that you have that your boyfriend leaves you. Also, it can be an indication that something is wrong in the relationship and is causing bad times.

Your boyfriend is gay

It is not that he lied to you with his preferences, you only dream this because you may be doubting him, you do not trust and you think that something is hiding from you, in addition to insecurity and lack of communication.


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