What does it mean to dream of a scorpion? Dream meaning


The world of the subconscious is a very complex reality, especially when it comes to the meaning of dreams, have you ever dreamed of scorpions? These animals have different meanings.

What is the meaning of dreams? According to Sigmund Freud, an author known for being the father of psychoanalysis, he defined these fantasies that we have when we close our eyes as a way of expressing those desires that are repressed, which with an adequate analysis can be deciphered into ideas that are reasonable and coherent that explain why. what did you dream of this or that.

Nightmares can also be considered an interpretation of what we want or something that we long for and that has not been fulfilled. Any dream is interpretable, even those of these poisonous little animals that can cause fear due to the myth that they are all highly poisonous.

The scorpion, or scorpion, is an animal that represents more than an arachnid with deadly stings. In addition to the meaning of dreaming about them, they also have an important symbolism in various cultures. In some ancient civilizations the scorpion represented a sign of superstition, an evil sign as if it were an envoy of the devil if it appeared in homes, they are also related to death.

Despite their bad reputation, these insects have a long history, as they are one of the oldest animal species in the world, it even inspired legends such as that of the goddess Xochiquetzal, who seduced Yappan, a man who was tempted and broke her oath. , so in punishment of the gods she became a scorpion.

There are also other references in astronomy about the scorpion, the famous myth of Orion, a giant warrior from ancient Greece who tried to attack the Goddess Artemis, who used this arachnid to save himself and turned it into a constellation in the universe; however, its symbolism can be negative.


Dreaming of scorpions has different meanings that involve emotions of fear, restlessness, among others, it depends on how and with how many you dream. The presence of the scorpion can represent betrayals by your group of friends, family, deceptions or, in the best of cases, some adversity that you have to face and which you have repressed and manifests itself during the night.

While you sleep you experience different situations and the meaning of dreaming about scorpions may vary depending on your visions.

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Dreaming of scorpions or scorpions could have a different meaning depending on the situations that you live within your dream, they are not always a bad omen for your life, they are often alerts and calls for attention to be more observant and cautious:

Dreaming of lifeless scorpions: Contrary to what it might seem, this dream is recurrent and is a call to heal the pain of the past, not to live with sorrows that you have been dragging for a long time and to work so that you heal those emotions that you they hurt.

  • Dreaming that you have scorpions or scorpions inside your mouth: When you have these types of dreams, fear invades you, but it is the representation that you feel guilty for a decision that you made hastily or without thinking much.
  • Dreaming that you are surrounded by scorpions: If in your dreams you find yourself in this situation, it is a sign that you have to take care of those who are close to you, such as your family or friends, they could play you badly.
  • Dreaming that you hold scorpions or scorpions: When in your dreams you find yourself holding one of these animals in your hands, it could be interpreted as that you need to talk about your problems with others, not keep all your emotions saved.
  • Dreaming of scorpions on the bed: Many people associate scorpions with betrayals and it is true that their venom is powerful, dreaming of a scorpion or several in your bed is a harbinger of a possible infidelity within your relationship.
  • Dreaming that you eat scorpions: It could mean that you are in a comfort zone, where the idea of ​​experiencing different situations or change terrifies you and it is normal that you are afraid of starting a new path, so let go of ideas that do not let it flow.
  • Dreaming of big black scorpions: Scorpions are extremely powerful animals and if you dream of one of black color it means that new surprises will come to you in the coming days, something good is coming for you.
  • Dreaming of yellow scorpions: The blond or white scorpions in your dreams are the symbol that you will see yourself involved in some gossip from people who are close to you or who are envious of you.


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