What does it mean to dream of a car accident?


To dream that we are involved in a car accident is more like a nightmare and could cause concern due to its terrible consequences, but it does not mean that it will really happen. Although it is not a premonitory dream or a vision of the future, its interpretations are not entirely encouraging since they all reflect weaknesses that we must work on.

In the dream world, cars symbolize the road that takes you to your destination, which allows you to travel the path of life, that is, the elements that help you meet your objectives and goals, so it is presumably appropriate dreaming of a car in good condition, as explained in an article by the Diario Femenino portal.

Car accidents in dreams, whether fatal or small, such as a breakdown that prevents you from driving or running out of gas, are a reflection of the exhaustion that prevents you from continuing to your destination no matter what it is.

Dreaming that you are driving and colliding with another vehicle

If you dream that you caused an accident due to lack of attention, ability to drive or because another car left without warning and you could not avoid it, it is a reflection of the obstacles that are in your way and prevent you from moving forward. Sometimes they are problems that you cannot avoid and others that you caused yourself.

Dreaming of a multi-car accident

Dreams that involve a collision between two or several cars while you are watching how they happen, but are not involved, means that you are facing your own fears and insecurities. Perhaps there is some problem that you do not want to face because you think you are unable to solve it and your subconscious reflects it that way.

Dreaming that you crash by yourself or are a passenger

It means you have some problem and you don’t know how to solve it. You are going through moments of anguish or anxiety that prevent you from moving forward. Possibly they gave you bad news or you are facing a major problem and you don’t know how to act on it.

Dreaming that a family member has a fatal car accident
If you dream that you see a car accident and when you get closer you discover that it is a relative who was fatally injured, it means that that person is not going through their best moment and you care about their well-being.


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