What does his father’s death mean for Anthony Bridgerton?


The Bridgertons’ eldest son, Anthony has assumed responsibilities as Lord Bridgerton. Everyone feels the absence of the father, but especially Anthony, who struggles to lead by his example.

Edmund’s death, although not explicitly shown or mentioned in the Bridgerton television series but receives a proper description in the second book of the Bridgerton series.

While he knows that Anthony Bridgerton is expected to marry well and have an heir, he has held himself in line for fear of his own mortality and his inability to become like his father, who was the model. from him to follow from him. This fear stems from the death of his father.

Edmund Bridgerton dies of an apparent bee sting. It is a devastating blow to the family as Edmund is only 39 years old and apparently in good health when he passes away and Anthony can hardly believe it.

This experience explains Anthony Bridgerton’s fear of bees and how he always looks at his watch. It is taken into account a moment later in the book when Kate Sheffield is chased by a bee and Anthony overreacts.

The images of bees also prevail in Bridgerton this is a small detail to the books and represents that Edmund Bridgerton is still part of the life of his family, although he is not physically there.

The bee can also signify what’s to come in Bridgerton. While it has yet to be confirmed, the second season will likely follow the events of the second book and its focus on Anthony’s love life.

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Perhaps viewers will also be able to see a live version of the late Patriarch Bridgerton and Edmund’s great influence on Anthony and the rest of his children prior to his untimely death from a bee sting allergy.


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