What does Galaxy Z Fold 2 offer on the experience side?


Galaxy Z Fold2, introduced at the Samsung Unpacked Part 2 event, took its place in the market with the motto “The Phone That Shapes the Future”. The model, which adds flexibility to the smartphone experience with its foldable screen technology, adds additional functions to the classic smartphone experience.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 stands out at the point of user experience

Samsung held the Unpacked Part 2 event on September 2. The functions offered by the foldable screen of the new smartphone, which can be used both as a phone and a tablet, reveal the freedom that new generation smartphones will bring us. We have gathered what we can do with a foldable screen smartphone, which is not possible with monolithic smartphone models.

Now, every smartphone above a certain level is capable of responding to the demands of its users. But we still prefer to do many things that we can do with our smartphones on our computers. This is where the user experience factor comes into play.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 brings together the small or big screen experience on the same device at the experience point. Here are some features that will completely change the classic smartphone experience:

– With the Application Continuity feature, you can open the screen and comfortably examine the table in order to examine the Excel file attached to an e-mail you have displayed on the front screen of the new Galaxy Z Fold2.

– You can open three of your open applications on the main screen at the same time with the Split Screen feature and push the possibilities of the wide screen to the fullest. Moving a text or file from window to window is made easier with the Drag and Drop feature.

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With its Dual View feature, Fold2 allows everyone to see the photo to be taken before taking the photo. This feature may mean that we can give our phone to someone we do not know to take our photo with peace of mind.

– Finally, with the Automatic Framing feature, you can determine the moving focus of the videos we shoot in Galaxy Z Fold2 and make it possible for your video to frame the frame according to you. You can capture unique shots by keeping the main object in the image in focus with the Galaxy Z Fold2 hands-free video shooting feature while you are shooting images where you show your skills while dancing or cooking at your last party.


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