What does Fraser Olender do after the 9th season of “Under the Deck”


Since the 9th season of “Below Deck” came to an end earlier this year, second steward Fraser Olender has been busy working his way up to senior steward and traveling the world. Fans first met Fraser at the end of last year as the second participant of the show “Under the Deck”. He worked alongside new chef Heather Chase and third assistant Jessica Albert. The charter season soon began before the internal team started having problems.

At first, Fraser scolded Heather in front of Jessica, complaining about Heather’s lack of work ethic. Later, he and Heather joined forces and began to complain that Jessica was not pulling her weight on the boat. Jessica felt the tension and decided to leave in the middle of the season. She could no longer work together with any of them, and she needed to leave for the sake of her mental health. Even though Fraser had befriended Heather, he still didn’t like Heather as the main stew either.

After leaving My Seanna, Fraser began his journey to the chief. During the reunion of the 9th season of “Below Deck”, he revealed that he is currently working as a chef on a new boat after spending time on the show. Fraser didn’t say where he was chartered, but judging by his Instagram, probably somewhere in the Caribbean. In March, Fraser shared a photo of himself enjoying a drink by the pool, and the place was labeled as St. Lucia. Although he could have been there on vacation, most likely he had a day off during the charter season. Prior to his stay in Saint Lucia, Fraser had been to Paris and Dubai. Fraser was enjoying his time away from the franchise.

It is reported that filming of the 10th season of “Under the Deck” began earlier this year, and fans on Reddit noticed them on the set in St. Lucia. If this is true, Fraser will probably return, but this time as the main stew. There have also been rumors that Chef Rachel Hargrove will return for her third season, as well as Captain Lee Rosbach, who has been captain since the first season of “Below Deck.” replaces Captain Lee for a short period of time. There were photos of her on the same yacht they are reportedly using for the 10th season of “Below Deck.” It’s safe to say that fans are happy to return “Under the Deck” with Fraser.

Since appearing in the Bravo series, Fraser has been living his best life. The former second chowder got promoted by traveling around the world and may have gotten another chance to appear on the Under Deck. It’s safe to say that fans are excited about the 10th season of “Under the Deck”.