What Does “fake body” Mean in TikTok?


The term “fake body” is often used in TikTok by a number of creators in the captions to their videos, but what does it really mean?

TikTok is home to millions of users who are constantly uploading and responding to various types of content, as well as participating in the latest challenges and trends that are going viral in the app.

As in most social networks, TikTok has its own set of slang terms and abbreviations that are often used in videos, messages and captions.

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One of these terms is “fake body” — a phrase that can appear either in the description of the video or in the hashtags of posts containing some form of partial nudity, for example, someone in a bikini. But what does it really mean?

The value of a fake body in TikTok

Essentially, the term “fake body” in TikTok is a way that users try to avoid being flagged for violating the app’s nudity policy.

Violating community guidelines can lead to your video being deleted and your account being flagged, so people try to avoid this wherever possible.

People claim that using the term “fake body” in your description can trick an automated moderation system into thinking that the body is not real, which will then cause it to skip the video. This is especially useful for people whose videos have been tagged or deleted incorrectly.

Some creators claim that using this phrase effectively prevents their videos from being unfairly deleted, but using this term in your description or hashtags is not a guarantee that your video will not be deleted for violating the rules.

If “fake body” isn’t the only trending term on TikTok that confuses you, you can check out our guide to some of the platform’s most popular slang terms here.


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