What does EMUI 11 offer to its user?


We recently got together with top executives of Huawei digitally to talk about the new Mate 40 series and the EMUI 11 update. Emphasizing that an intuitive and multi-functional experience is important for users, Huawei executives shared with us some additional capabilities that other manufacturers cannot offer. Here are the important features that make EMUI 11 different …

New features with EMUI 11

Multi Screen Collaboration

With the ecosystem it created, Huawei has successfully integrated smart phone and computer products. With the Huawei PC Manager application and NFC technology, it made file transfer easy and made it possible to mirror the phone screen on the computer screen. With the EMUI 11 update, the Multi Screen Collaboration feature allows you to open more screens separately. In this way, you can get an experience as if you are using 3-4 smartphones at the same time.

Smart Multi-Window

In fact, this feature is neither new for smartphones in the Huawei ecosystem, nor for smartphones and tablets from other manufacturers. Although the screen-in-screen feature has been used in smartphones for a long time, it is not easy to add flexibility to this feature. Huawei allows you to quickly turn the notification that comes with EMUI 11 into a side screen, and in addition to open a third application. You can keep this third application on the main screen without closing it as App Bubbly. Huawei executives say that it is easy to implement this feature, but difficult to enable it to be used with interest by users, emphasizing that they create ease of use here.

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AI Gesture Control

One of the most striking features of EMUI 11 is that it offers at the point of contactless usage. Thanks to the feature that Huawei calls AI Gesture Control, you can give commands with your hand movements from a certain distance.

For example, your hands can be dirty while cooking or cleaning. In the meantime, with the Air Wake feature, you can unlock the phone, move the screen vertically or horizontally, stop and start a media playing, if available.

Eyes on Display

The animations displayed on the lock screen, which Huawei calls EOD (Eyes On Display), can now be edited by users. You can also add one of the different options in Huawei’s own library to the EOD screen, where a captured video can also be edited and added.

Conversation Mode

The conversation mode, which Huawei calls Conversation Mode, comes to our rescue in e-mail applications, which can sometimes be difficult to use on mobile screens. So much so that when you select the “conversation” option instead of the classic view from the Huawei Mail application settings, the mixed e-mail interface turns into a simple SMS interface.


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