What does Denise Richards do after the 10th season of RHOBH


What Denise Richards does after the 10th season of RHOBH, Denise Richards’ time in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was full of serious dramas and accusations, but fortunately, Denise’s career continued to flourish after leaving The Real Housewives series. When Denise was announced as the new housewife in the 9th season of RHOBH, Bravo fans immediately became interested in what the famous actress and ex-wife of Charlie Sheen would cook. Denise, who was also a longtime friend of another housewife Lisa Rinna, had a relatively successful debut season. Although Denise looked askance at her frank conversations about her husband Aaron Phypers, viewers and her fellow housewives found Denise’s lack of a filter more amusing than disgusting.

Unfortunately, Denise’s promising reputation on RHOBH quickly began to decline when the 10th season aired in 2020. Denise found a few conversations within earshot of her children inappropriate, but the housewives felt that Denise was being hypocritical, given her carefree behavior in season 9. It only got worse when former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville told Kyle Richards and her sister Kim that she and Denise had previously been close. Between the other women constantly asking Denise for information and Denise’s persistent use of “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo” in hopes of stopping production, the stormy three-part reunion was the last time Bravo viewers saw Denise in the series.

Despite the controversial moments of the 10th season of RHOBH, Denise’s acting career continued to flourish after her last appearance in the series. In fact, Denise has appeared in eight films and six television programs since she decided not to return for season 11 of RHOBH, including the films “Money Plane” (2020) and “Love by Accident” (2021), as well as the Netflix series “The Shining and the Dark” (2021). and Guardians of Justice (2022). In addition, Denise continues to play Shauna Fulton in the long-running soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, which also stars Eileen Davidson, a RHOBH graduate.

Denise, who boasts more than a million followers on Instagram, also frequently posts news about her personal and professional life online. Although Denise often quarreled with Kyle and Lisa on RHOBH, the former Bravo housewife is still friends with Sutton Strake and Garcel Beauvais, with whom she shared her photo on May 31. Denise also shares the milestones of her daughters Sami, Lola and Eloise, such as when Lola got her driver’s license in January and congratulated Eloise on her 11th birthday on May 24. days in the entertainment industry, for example, catching myself on the cover of an old magazine in February.

Although Denise is not the most controversial housewife to appear on RHOBH, she is certainly remembered as one of the most mysterious. While some “Real Housewives” fans felt that other women were too harsh on Denise and didn’t give her enough of a chance, others thought Denise was deliberately misleading, especially after she admitted to sending Bravo producers termination and abstinence during filming. However, like Eileen and several other former housewives who had established careers before joining the cast, Denise continued to focus on her family, as well as current and future acting opportunities. Denise may not have been suitable for the role of RHOBH, but her short time in the series will forever be remembered by viewers.