What does ARMY mean to Jimin?


We know that the BTS guys were special guests on the variety show You Quiz On The Block, during the special show, they shared several stories about their music, their life and the future. The most beautiful of all is that BTS had a lot of fun because we could see that they had fun, since we know that they are fans of this program.

During the interview section, very emotional questions were asked and one question that is very important for the ARMY fandom was the one that Jimin was asked about what ARMY means? For him and you know that Jimin has a beautiful heart and that was his answer to the question.

ARMY, don’t forget to read this important note Jin’s brother from BTS clarifies the situation with the statements he made in You Quiz On The Block. Jimin says:

I think it’s just the people I love. There are no other words that really come to mind. They are what allow me to feel different emotions, although we are still young, they helped us to grow and said that it is okay to make mistakes, watching them is what makes me imagine what love is.

In other news, BTS with its hit English track “Dynamite” dropped several positions on the Billboard singles chart, remaining in the top 50 for 30 consecutive weeks.

According to the last chart on March 27 released by Billboard on March 23, BTS ‘digital single “Dynamite” ranked 34th, 9 places more than the previous week on the’ Hot 100 ‘. Even after 7 months of its release, it remains in the Top 50 for 30 consecutive weeks and has re-entered the 30th position on the Billboard Hot 100, proving its worldwide popularity that is not cooling off.

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