What does Amy’s appearance on the show really mean?


CBS likes to highlight their connection as it was in Young Sheldon’s season 4 episode 1 titled “Graduation.” Originally planned to be the Young Sheldon season 3 finale.

Confirmation that Sheldon and Amy have a child in the distant future at Young Sheldon reveals not only his name, but also his intellectual abilities. As the son of two geniuses, there is great expectation that he is also smart.

While Young Sheldon did not explicitly confirm or deny the possibility that his son is also intellectually talented, creator Steve Molaro shared that the voiceover is happening 10-11 years into the future of The Big Bang Theory.

If Leonard Cooper has already had a good prom like yours at Young Sheldon, it means that he may have finished high school at a very young age as well.

Assuming Amy got pregnant immediately after The Big Bang Theory ended, he would only be 9 or 10 when he graduates from elementary school, which is still younger than Missy in Young Sheldon, who is 11 years old.

The Big Bang Theory may already be over, but CBS has the opportunity to continue its story, albeit indirectly, through Young Sheldon. Since the events of the series are told from the perspective of the adult Sheldon.

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