What does “added you back” to Snapchat mean?


On Snapchat, you may have received a notification that the user has “added you back” — that’s what the notification means.

For many people, Snapchat is one of the social media platforms they use almost every day, using the app to send messages, images and videos to friends, as well as posting stories to their contacts and followers.

There are several ways to add people to the app, whether by using their QR code or by searching for their username in the app to find someone specific.

As a result of using the app, you could get a notification that the user “added you back”, but what does that mean? Here’s all you need to know.

What does “added me back” mean in Snapchat?

If you receive a notification “Added you again, say hello!” on Snapchat, it means that someone you added has now accepted your friend request and added you in response.

The username at the top of the notification is the person who added you again. It could be someone you recently added, or if you don’t recognize the name, it could be someone who just accepted your request.

Now that you have both added each other, you will be able to exchange messages, images and videos with that person in the app.


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