What documents are required to get the COVID-19 vaccine


Anvisa has already stated that the decision on the emergency use of vaccines against coronavirus in Brazil will be released later this Sunday, January 17th. Thus, it is very likely that the vaccination campaign will start between January 20 and March, according to the Ministry of Health. Find out now which documents are needed to receive the immunization.

Vaccination documents are essential, as they allow the Brazilian himself and the health system to have control of which dose, when and who was vaccinated. Thus, the essential documents are: the CPF or the SUS Card, which is the National Health Card.

If you have lost your SUS card, simply issue a duplicate via the Connect SUS app or else at a health facility, where it can be issued physically. Among the documents required for this are:

Birth or marriage certificate
If so, PIS / PASEP number
All of them are necessary for the issuance of the SUS card by the application or at the health unit.

The Ministry of Health states that it is very important to take the documentation when taking the vaccine, as the immunized data will be inserted in the SI-PNI – Information System of the National Immunization Program and also integration into your vaccination card.

Among the recorded data are:

Vaccination date and place
CPF or SUS Card number
Date of birth
Vaccine name
Vaccine manufacturer
Dose type
Vaccine batch and validity
It is worth saying that, the Ministry of Health stated that no Brazilian will be prevented from receiving the immunizer if he does not present a document, just prove that you are part of the priority group to receive it at the time of vaccination. These groups were detailed in December, when the immunization plan was released by the Ministry of Health.


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