What do we know about Ken Levine’s new game?


Ken Levine and Bioshock -still in the hands of 2K-, creator and franchise, parted ways after many years of success together. What does the future hold for both of you?

Although it was in the 64-bit generation when it was shown that the shooter could take a step beyond offering mere shootouts -Goldeneye 007, Turok- and in the 128-bit we could enjoy titles like Timesplitters 2, it was in the last generation when the FPS genre practically mutated into other subgenres. Thanks to adding new mechanics such as skill trees or looting –Borderlands- or even a more weighty narrative layer –Bioshock-, first-person shooter established itself as one of the favorite genres of all types of players, not just the lovers of online skirmishes. Precisely, and thanks to the latest news from the creator of the latter -a very successful trilogy-, it is time to remember why it is such a long-awaited saga -although we will have it back-, and why its creator, Ken Levine, Despite many years of silence, it raises such high expectations.

Rapture and Columbia, iconic settings

The arrival at the Rapture lighthouse in Bioshock (2007) is surely one of the most memorable moments of the generation of PS3 and Xbox 360, not only because of the great technical apparatus that it boasted then – unforgettable how the sea water looked -, but above all the aura of mystery that surrounded our first steps through that emblematic underwater city. What was Rapture really? Who were its mysterious and deranged inhabitants? What were those girls, accompanied by the most fearsome enemies in the game, doing with the corpses? All were questions in the first minutes, answered through an excellent narrative exercise thanks not only to dialogues with Atlas and the city’s ideologue, Andrew Ryan, but also to audios distributed throughout the stage and elements of the environment that did nothing but tell what had been the glorious past of Rapture.

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Ken Levine's new game is in the final phase of production

But even if we started from other sections, the game would not be left behind, with a convincing gunplay – although today it would certainly feel out of date – and a strategic action thanks to the Plasmids, a kind of powers granted thanks to Adam, the substance desired by all the inhabitants of the city. Throwing lightning into a puddle to electrocute enemies, fire an oil slick to make them burn or even hypnotize a Big Daddy are just some of the possibilities at our disposal to deal with a number of enemies that, by the way, never it was excessive. Nor should we forget the fun –and sometimes challenging- minigame of hacking bots, spreading machines or security cameras to use them in our favor, as well as various passive enhancers and different endings –depending on what we did with the Little Sister-, in order to combine all these elements to form one of the most complete shooters ever.


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