What do the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s All Too Well 10 Minute Version Mean


Taylor Swift’s 10-minute version of “Everything’s Too Good” is filled with references, including several hints about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. Nine years after the release of the singer-songwriter’s album Red in 2012, she released a re-recording of it. This is due to the change of ownership of the masters of Swift’s first six studio albums, which prevents her from legally performing their songs. But instead of just recreating the tracks, Swift also decided to update some of them, including the fan favorite “All Too Well”, which now has an extended version. Here is an explanation of the contradiction of Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Everything Is Too Good” and what the lyrics mean.

Released on November 12, 2021, the new version of the album, officially called Red (Taylor’s version), lasts about 130 minutes. As part of the promotion of her new release, Swift also wrote and directed a short film, “Everything Is Too Good”, based on the lyrics of the song. In the short film, Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink play the main role, and he tells about the ups and downs of the duration of their relationship, which eventually ends in a breakup. Fans are convinced that we are talking about Swift’s romance with Jake Gyllenhaal, which began in the fall of 2010.

As for the Easter eggs “All Too Well” and the general message, his short film begins with a quote from Pablo Neruda: “Love is so short, oblivion is so long” — a potential reference to Swift and Gyllenhaal’s relationship. It is worth noting that the couple allegedly met for only three months. However, assuming that the song is actually about this relationship, the breakup clearly had a big impact on Swift. The argument about Jake Gyllenhaal in the song All Too Well is reinforced by the lyrics, which also have a lot of hints about Gyllenhaal, and the new 10-minute version reveals more about their doomed romance.

All Too Well Verse 1: Meeting Jake Gyllenhaal and What the Scarf Means

I walked in the door with you, the air was cold, But something like home, And I left my scarf there in your sister’s house, And it’s still in your drawer, even now Oh, your sweet disposition and my wide-open eyes, I’m singing in the car, lost on In the north of the state, the autumn leaves are falling like pieces to their places, and I can imagine it after all these days

Taylor Swift sings the song in the first person. The text of the 10-minute version of “All Too Well” begins with her memories of visiting her boyfriend’s sister’s house. The description of the weather corresponds to the chronology of her relationship with Gyllenhaal, since the couple began dating in October 2010. The sister of her lover could be Maggie Gyllenhaal, who then confirmed that Swift was at her house for dinner. As for the scarf, it has been the subject of discussion among Swift fans for many years. This piece of clothing has also been a hallmark of the singer’s real aesthetic for some time and has even been the focus of attention in some of her music videos. Paparazzi photos of Swift during the affair show her wearing a scarf that was previously spotted by Gyllenhaal. This may well be the same thing mentioned in the aforementioned song, only exacerbating the controversy surrounding Jake Gyllenhaal’s “All Too Well”.

All Too Well Verse 2: Family, Love and the Breakup of Swift’s Ex

A photo album on the counter, your cheeks turned red You were a little kid with glasses in a double bed And your mother was telling stories about you on the football team You were telling me about your past, thinking your future was me And you were throwing me car keys, to hell with the patriarchy Keychain on earth, we were always walking around And I was thinking on the way down, anytime He’ll say it’s love, you never called it like it was Until we were dead and Gone and buried, Check your pulse and come back swearing he’s the same After three months in the grave, And then you wondered where it went when I reached out to you, But all I felt was shame, and you held my lifeless body.

The second verse of the song is a mixture of old and new lyrics. His first half sings about Swift talking about how he spent time with the mysterious man’s family, with a special recollection of how his mom told stories about his childhood. The guy himself also becomes frank with his past. He starts talking about his life before he met her, because he supposedly believes that they and their relationship have a future. Then there are additional texts by Swift, which focus on a completely new incident when she expected him to admit that things were finally getting serious between them. But the guy never did it. Instead, she accuses him of denying the true nature of their relationship, refusing to call it love.

The last three lines in this part of “All Too Well” become metaphorical, but the songwriter and actress Taylor Swift may be referring to the man’s attempts to reconcile a few months after their breakup.