What Did Lee Jong Suk Study? The Actor’s Career And Specialty


Lee Jong Suk is usually busy with the to-dos on his schedule, he also took time out for studies and showed off his skills. The protagonist of Pinocchio not only has talent as an actor and also graduated from University.

Like many K-drama actors , this boy organized his time to fulfill his activities and balance them with his dedication at school, so after graduating from Yangjae High School he continued to prepare.

Lee Jong Suk career and specialty go hand in hand with the work we see him do on screen, so we are sure they will be of great help to him as he continues to build his path in entertainment.

Also, this shows how committed Lee Jong Suk is to his work as an actor and his intention to keep learning in order to constantly improve, so it is quite an inspiration to fans.


Actor Lee Jong Suk graduated from Konkuk University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree , but although his performance at this school stage was very good, it was only the beginning for him.

Later, the actor again joined the students of said university, but this time he had in his sights a Master in Film that he would take from the Graduate School of Art and Design.

Did you imagine that Lee Jong Suk had dedicated so much to his studies ? So now when you don’t feel like studying, take this guy as inspiration and achieve all your goals.


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