What determines the success or failure of a game?


Games are a great way to entertain, spend time and even socialize and meet new people. Because of the moment we are currently experiencing, the games industry was one of the only ones that grew in 2020. In April of last year alone, total spending on digital games worldwide was 10.5 billion dollars.

In the midst of so many releases and news, it is clear that some names end up standing out – positively and negatively. But after all, what determines whether a game will be successful or not?

Investments in game development are certainly important. However, the industry has already shown that even relatively simple products – especially when compared to large productions involving huge figures – can become successful games.

To better understand how this dynamic in the gaming world works, Betway, the eSports betting site, made it possible for us to chat with Matheus Martin, developer and co-founder of Unbelievable Gameworks. We talked about exactly this “Russian roulette” that seems to be the game market, and the main comments you can see below.

According to Martin, there is no method for making a game successful – unfortunately. Each game developer follows his own path in the industry, which is very large and has several participants. However, most games are born the same way: with a sketch on paper, where the first ideas are drawn.

In the case of the company founded by Matheus, the method used to create games even involves the formula used by Hollywood to create stories and characters. According to the developer, following this methodology makes the process easier, but there are companies that simply prefer to create everything out of their heads.

In a game style with the same mechanics for years, what can you do to keep the game successful?

A good example are MMOPRG-style games, such as World of Warcraft, and MOBA, such as League of Legends. These are very unique game styles that have been present in the game industry for years.

Players who like these titles are connected to them for a variety of reasons, but mechanics is certainly one of the main ones. Changing it would certainly be a very risky move, which is why the developers keep it and just add new content – and that’s what makes players stay loyal and new.