What D&D class does each main character have in honor among thieves?


The Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer, shown during Comic Con 2022 in San Diego, gives viewers a better look at the story and the various D&D classes featured among the cast. Dungeons & Dragons is the absolute leader in the field of nerd culture, so it’s not surprising that the world–famous role-playing game was filmed. The trailer for the movie “Honor among Thieves”, released on the eve of the film’s release in March 2023, shows what and, more importantly, who it is about.

Judging by the trailer, the main cast is a group of thieves (according to the title Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves) who seek redemption after they end up stealing an evil artifact for a dangerous person. When they set out to retrieve the artifact, they encounter many obstacles that allow the group to get closer with each encounter and deliver the audience a lot of laughs in the process. The best part about this incredibly dysfunctional family of criminals is that since the whole movie is based on D&D knowledge, it means that everyone literally has a unique role.

Dungeons & Dragons prides itself on a huge variety of gameplay. With an ever-growing list of races, backgrounds and classes, anyone can play as anyone. To emulate this fact, each main role in the film represents a certain class of characters, each with their own special talents and skills. This is a breakdown of the main Dunegons & Dragons characters and what you can expect from them and their class.

Chris Pine — The Bard

Chris Pine, known for his roles as Captain Kirk in the modern Star Trek films and Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, plays the central role of Eugene, the leader and strategist of the main party. At the very end of the trailer, it is mentioned that Eugene plays the lute, which means that his class is a bard. In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, bards are known for their magic spells that can be conjured by the power of music and poetry. They are very charismatic and natural artists who can use their songs to heal allies and inspire them, as well as influence the minds and souls of their enemies with the help of skillfully created illusions. It’s kind of an improvement on the Dungeons & Dragons movie franchise, as Eugene will be the very first bard to appear in such a movie. Judging by the trailer, Pine’s character seems a little confused and perhaps ashamed of his bard abilities, however, this can create a good arch for Eugene, where he uses his musical gift when his friends need it.

Michelle Rodriguez – The Barbarian

Michelle Rodriguez, best known for her role as Letty Ortiz in the Fast and Furious franchise, was invited to play Holga, the muscle of the group. Judging by the weapons she carries and the brutal fighting style she demonstrates in the trailer, there’s no doubt that the class she represents are barbarians. Barbarians are mighty and savage warriors who are the embodiment of the concept of strength. As an example, you can look at the Grog character from The Legend of Vox Machina series on Amazon Prime. They often wear the heaviest armor, wield the largest weapons, and are generally a major force to be reckoned with, especially on the battlefield. However, they are called barbarians for a reason. Barbarians are best known for their most valuable skill, known as rage, when they have adrenaline surges, their anger takes over and they become even stronger for a short time. Fans will surely expect to see Holga “lose her temper” when the film debuts.

Justice Smith – The Sorcerer

Viewers can recognize Justice Smith from “Detective Pikachu”, where he played the main role of Tim Goodman. He also recently appeared as the regular nerdy character Franklin Webb in Jurassic World. In Honor Among Thieves, Smith will play a character named Simon, who provides his services to the group by being a regular caster. While there are several classes using spells in D&D, Simon takes on the role of a Wizard. Unlike Wizards who learn their magic through books, and Warlocks who draw their magic from some entity, Sorcerers’ magic comes from deep within themselves (although some sources may vary). The trailer shows how Smith’s character makes good use of his magical skills in many different situations (mostly creating force fields for protection), but it would be interesting to see exactly where Simon’s power comes from. Perhaps he has a dragon bloodline, or maybe he was touched by wild magic. One can only guess.

Less often-Jean Page – Paladin

Less often, Jean Page, the famous Bridgerton, seems to play a very important role in the film, given the amount of screen time he spent in the trailer.


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