What Danna Paola says about her return as Lucrecia


The Netflix streaming platform will deliver season 4 of the Spanish-born youth drama series, Elite, which is undoubtedly one of the streaming giant’s most successful in recent years.

All the fans were delighted with Danna Paola’s performance during the first three seasons of Elite, with her role as Lucrecia as “the bad one.” For her acting quality, Paola won the hearts of many viewers in the world.

After Elite season 3 aired, some of the main actors left the Netflix series. The drama is expected to return with an almost new cast for season 4.

And, as everyone knows, the actress who stood out in the Elite series with the role of Lucrecia until season 3, left the Netflix drama to dedicate herself exclusively to her singing career as she recently revealed.

However, despite the fact that she will dedicate herself entirely to her singing career, the interpreter of Lucrecia on Elite, does not rule out a possible return to the Netflix series. Maybe for season 5?

In this sense, Danna Paola would be “very happy to return” if there are more Elite seasons. This, the Mexican actress admitted when she was interviewed by Rating Cero:

“Elite continues to be part of me, of my life, just like Lucrecia. Although I am not here this season, I would be very happy to return if there are more. ”

Elite fans can only wait for the new season 4 to continue with the success of the previous installments. In the event that a season 5 arrives, there will be many chances for Danna Paola to return to the joy of the fans.

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