What CVV is and what this credit card number is for


It has become increasingly common to make purchases online, and the preferred means of payment ends up being the credit card directly (that is, without the intermediation of services such as Paypal, for example). As this purchase does not require the use of a password, a slightly different mechanism known as CVV comes into play.

What is CVV?

Anyone who owns a credit card must have realized that it consists of several numbers. The principal appears in a group and consists of 16 identifying numbers (in four blocks of four each), but there is another very important one usually located at the back: the CVV.

What is the card’s CVV for?

CVV – which stands for Card Verification Value (or card verification value in a free translation) – works as a kind of security code and can receive different nomenclatures according to the operator. The most common variations are CVC (Card Verification Code shortener) and CID (Card ID, or card identifier).

As online purchases do not require the use of a password, this small combination of three numbers appears to act as an authentication code that, together with the buyer’s CPF, prevents fraud and some other problems related to improper purchases through the card.


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