What companies need to know about working from home


The number of COVID-19 cases, which have recently increased in our country, is getting worse every day. As such, many companies have switched to home layout for all their employees in accordance with their working conditions. With the period of March 2020, we started working from home and continued to work from home until June 2020. However, the increasing number of cases in recent months has made it mandatory for companies to switch to working from home again.

Such a surprising epidemic, which has not been encountered in the world before, affects societies and brings unexpected changes. While it has been necessary for many people to switch from home to work, this situation has become important for companies to continue their business processes without interruption.

A Virtual Workspace Always Matters

By adopting applications where production and cooperation are abundant as in the office environment, you can network together with virtual servers, which are cloud-based private for teams, in digital and virtual environment, and you can solve the file sharing and storage space use of everyone in the team with the most accurate communication techniques.

Thanks to virtual servers, you can keep your data in a common area instead of personal computers, and with these virtual server types that your employees can access remotely, your data will always be safe and cooperation will always continue in a fluid manner.

Secure Connection Recommendations for Home Workers

While you are advancing your business processes from the home environment, virtual servers are the strongest structures in terms of securely backing up all your work files, keeping them hidden in one place and regularly making these data accessible to the entire workplace team. With the VPN connection at the access point to these virtual servers, you ensure that all your staff can make a seamless connection with cyber security measures taken.

VPN is one of the important details for all business data connected from personal computers at the point of securing networking. VPN can be briefly defined as an encrypted tunnel and within this encrypted network, you can continue your work from where you left off, with all your resources on your desk as if you were working at the company. While conducting this process from any internet connection, it is also important for all your employees to connect to company data, company computer or server with a VPN connection in terms of the privacy of your data.

How to Set Up a VPN Connection?

You can offer a common VPN connection where all of your company employees can connect with the VPN. OpenVPN is one of the VPN technologies preferred by businesses, although it has been common and reliable for a long time. After the installation of OpenVPN on the office network or computer, this application is installed on all remote devices, and every user who wants to access office data in the simplest form will access the data after connecting with a VPN. In this way, you create a secure network for your company, and you can keep your cyber security under control as much as possible by making your in-house calls with this secure network.

Even if you do not have an IT department, there are brokerage companies that you can get help with the installation of OpenVPN very simply. One of them is Güzel Hosting. By renting VPS as a virtual server, it is possible to ensure that your company has a secure network with the OpenVPN infrastructure to be installed in it. Once you have OpenVPN, you can create an unlimited number of VPN users, regardless of the number of users, and thus enable all your employees to run their business over a secure network.


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