What Chef Leon Walker is doing after the third season of “Under the Deck”


Leon Walker was a controversial actor in the third season of “Below Deck,” and since the star of the short-lived reality show has not appeared in the franchise since, fans are wondering what the Australian chef was doing. Leon was hired to replace chef Ben Robinson after two seasons of “Under the Deck,” and quickly made enemies with Chef Stu Kate Chastain. When Leon did not directly tell Kate that he did not like her, he raised the eyebrows of the audience, refusing to satisfy the culinary requests of the guest on board.

While Leon’s attitude was less than positively received in “Below Deck,” it was his complete lack of attention that led to his dismissal in the middle of season 3. the stove caused a fire in the galley. Although Leon tried to blame Kate for the accident and accused her of being drunk at work, Captain Lee was not deceived, and he quickly fired Leon from the superyacht Eros. Chef Ben is back on board to replace Leon for the rest of the season, and while there have been rumors that Leon has appeared in “Below Deck Down Under,” he hasn’t returned to the “Below Deck” franchise since 2015.

It’s been seven years since Leon lost his job in season 3 of “Below Deck,” but that hasn’t stopped the 51-year-old from continuing to cook. Although Leon’s Instagram is set up for private, Leon’s Twitter account, which was last updated at the end of 2020, shows that the chef was seen in several elite restaurants after his departure from Below deck . Although Leon was the owner and chef of the trifecta restaurant Wink II, Wink Café and Wink Catering while working at Bravo, it seems that these businesses no longer work. In addition to online communication with fans “Below Deck,” Leon also documents on Twitter his attempts to find a job through @YachtChefJobs.

Although Leon’s Twitter account shows several beautifully designed dishes, such as fried duck soup with noodles and pork variations in 2017, Leon’s LinkedIn also indicates that he has been looking for a solid long-term chef position since he was fired by Captain Lee. Describing himself as a chef with 25 years of experience who has “worked all over [the world] working in 2- and 3-star Michelin restaurants,” Leon states that he is a “passionate team player” looking for “the next challenge with [a] new team.” Despite the colossal lack of experience, Leon’s resume on LinkedIn lists him only as the chef of the restaurant NOT since October 2017 with the address of the house located in Bromley, England.

Although Leon is remembered as one of the most controversial chefs of the “Below Deck” franchise, he is not the only actor to receive the award. Like Leon, Chef Ryan McCown was recently fired during the inaugural season of “Below Deck Down Under” for bad attitude and substandard food. Chef Mila Kolomeitseva from the fourth season of “Under the Deck of the Mediterranean” was also fired for her unimpressive culinary skills, although Mila’s homophobic views did not benefit her. Leon may not be the worst chef in terms of skill gracing the Below Deck franchise, but it looks like his bad attitude on TV hasn’t helped his career in the real world since.