What Can You Take Home From “Harry and Meghan,” The Netflix Documentary About The Duke and Duchess?


After a long wait, we received a documentary about Harry and Meghan in two parts on Netflix. The first part was released on December 8, and it was mostly overtaken by the beloved photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Apart from the usual hint of discrimination they faced in the royal family, the first part offers nothing but stunning pictures of Harry and Meghan’s love story.

The second part, released on December 15, really gave the fans meat to sink their teeth into. Overall, the Netflix documentary about Harry and Meghan is an excuse for the “megzit” they took from home. And here’s what you need to take home from the documentary.

Netflix Doesn’t Flip A Coin In Harry and Meghan Documentary

This documentary is unlike any other released by the streaming giant. And we’re not saying this in the context of two former members of the royal family telling their story and shadowing the royal family. This documentary is based on the points of view of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. And not once out of the almost six-hour duration of the documentary do we see a fact check.

While we’re sure we have a group against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Twitter to do this, it’s not the usual format of thorough research that Netflix follows. In case you were looking for the “truth”, you will find some parts of it here, but you will have to wait for more.

It’s sunny in California!

The documentary creates a sharp contrast between the lives of Harry and Meghan in the UK and the USA and Canada. Everything from the music to the lighting gets darker as the couple reminisces about their suffocating time with the royal family.

It was a blow to those who claimed that Harry and Meghan are unhappy. Shots of a couple on the beach doing yoga in much warmer California are often played right after shots in the cold United Kingdom.

The conclusion is that Harry and Meghan are thriving with or without the royal family. In case you haven’t noticed, the “former royal” tag works just as well as the “royal” tag.

Harry and Meghan: Not like in your other fairy tales

When Prince Charles married Diana, people took it as a fairy tale. A girl from their family who became a princess. This was brilliantly combined with the fact that Lady Diana was really a folk princess, to the core. Her story, although it turned into a tragedy, used to be synonymous with “fairy tales” not only in Britain, but everywhere. This more or less also happened with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. When Meghan Markle, an American actress of two races, became Harry’s fiancee, it was like a fairy tale.

What unfolded after that wasn’t like that at all. As mentioned earlier, this may be Harry and Meghan’s version of the truth, but the fact that Markle had suicidal thoughts and that Prince Harry has yet to cope with the death of his mother is really upsetting.

To this should be added the fact that Markle’s depression was around the same time that Prince Harry was working on a mental health campaign. Mental well-being is better practiced than preached.

Harry and Prince William will never be thieves again

“Harry and Meghan” has become a multimillion-dollar Netflix documentary. What about Harry and William? In the documentary, no matter how gentle he may seem, it is impossible not to notice the anger in Harry’s voice when he talks about his brother and father. If there was one thing Harry made clear after the Megzit, it was that he was on his mother’s side. Harry says that the two boys have long agreed never to treat each other the way their father treated their mother.


More precisely, how he had a team that informed him about her every minute. And judging by Harry’s anger, Prince William may have violated the contract. The two brothers will most likely never be close again. Returning us to the fact that Harry may have left because of Meghan Markle and freedom, but he left because of the royal family.

What do you think of the Netflix documentary? Let us know in the comments below.


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