What can we expect from the Clubhouse app?


For a while now, we need to be prepared to see an innovation gain popularity overnight. New ideas and technologies are always emerging. In this context, the innovation that has been stirring the internet the most recently is ClubHouse.

The audio-only social network appeared on everyone’s feed after big names like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey appeared there. But the fame also brought several questions about the app: And Android users, when will they have access? How long will the invitation system work? Is it a fad or is it really functional and profitable? What about accessibility for people with hearing impairments?

What is the future of the Clubhouse?

There are many pertinent questions to be debated and I believe that the best way to clarify these doubts is to understand the possible paths that ClubHouse can take. More than observing how it works today, I propose a reflection on what it may become in the near future and how we can prepare ourselves to take advantage of it in the best possible way.

We already know, for example, that voice conversations take place live, without editing and without recording. This is one of the most striking points at ClubHouse. But how will mediation work in rooms with many people, since the requests for speech can become greater than the mediator is able to coordinate? And the fight for audience with other voice channels – which will inevitably arrive, as already seems to be the case with Instagram and Twitter? Not to mention data security, since end-to-end encryption remains exclusive to WhatsApp.

Another point is: how to monitor and act on the shared content? Hate speeches must always be combated, but there is still no technology as effective in identifying them by audio, at the same level that is possible by text. How to prevent harmful use? This is a question that should be born with any innovation, especially a social network.

You see, I’m not asking these questions to criticize ClubHouse, but to remind all of us that there is a long way to go. I really like the idea of ​​a social network with these characteristics and I see its arrival as an advance for marketing and communication.

And the potential of this application for the communication area is really huge. See what you can explore, just thinking over it:

More humanized contacts between brands and customers, including customer service;
Coverage of major events in a more personal and simplified way;
Lectures with public participation, simulating the face-to-face experience;
Entire classes or courses on the most diverse topics;
Contests or sweepstakes that have as a prize the direct conversation with great personalities.


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