What awaits us with the OnePlus 9?


After the OnePlus 8T launch, eyes turned to the new model. The features of the OnePlus 9 model, whose release date was leaked recently and the highly anticipated model, gradually began to be evident.

Here are the expected OnePlus 9 features

The differences between the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro models caused many users to change their reasons for preference. With the OnePlus 9 series, the company is thought to adopt an innovative design approach.

İşte beklenen OnePlus 9 özellikleri

The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro models, which are certain to take their power from the Snapdragon 875 model, may have some differences in the display. The OnePlus 9 is thought to have a flat screen and the OnePlus 9 Pro model will have a slightly curved display. The possibility of the OnePlus 9 model to come up with smaller sizes is also quite high.

Although there is no leakage about the camera, it is a fact that OnePlus models perform less than other brands. For this reason, the company is expected to come up with better camera performance. It is also claimed that the company will make the selfie camera integrated with the screen in the OnePlus 9 Pro model. If this happens, OnePlus will continue to break new ground in the smartphone market.

In addition, wireless charging and IP certificates, which are the biggest advantages of the Pro models, are expected to be included in the OnePlus 9 model. The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE model offers both wireless charging and IP certification seems to force the company to this development.

OnePlus had received many complaints regarding haptic vibrations in terms of user experience. Introducing Haptic Vibration 2.0 technology with the OnePlus 8 Pro model, the company aims to offer a better usage experience in the OnePlus 9 model.


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