What awaits us with Google Pixel 6?


Google has been criticized by many users with its Pixel 5 model. For this reason, the company is expected to come up with a more advanced model. We have compiled a list of expected Google Pixel 6 features for you.

Google Pixel 6 can surprise with its features

The Pixel 5 model was launched with Snapdragon 765G. The new model is thought to come with the Snapdragon 865. The new model, which is expected to be performance-oriented, may come up with 12GB of RAM.

Google Pixel 6 özellikleri ile şaşırtabilir

The latest model of the Pixel series, which was admired by many as a camera performance, did not include a telephoto lens. The Pixel 6 model is expected to come with a better main camera and telephoto lens. It is thought to come with a 48 Megapixel main camera and a 12 Megapixel telephoto lens.

Small-sized devices that are considered compact are one of the biggest shortcomings in the smartphone market. For this reason, it is among the predictions that Google will dominate the market by launching its new model in compact dimensions.

As the new model is thought to appeal to people using the upper segment, it is estimated that the price will be more expensive than the Pixel 5 model. The new model is likely to come out with an average price tag of $ 800.


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