What awaits Tony Storm in AEW after losing to Brit Baker?


For better or worse, AEW resisted the urge to hire free agents and then insert them directly into the main event picture, and that hasn’t changed with the recent appearance of Tony Storm after leaving WWE. She made her debut during the March 30 edition of Dynamite, playing Bunny in a qualifying match for the Owen Hart Memorial Women’s Tournament. She won this fight, which allowed her to fight Jamie Hayter in the first round of the tournament on May 11, also at Dynamite.

She also knocked down Hayter, which led Storm to a match with Britt Baker in the latest edition of Dynamite. Baker has been one of the most stable stars of the women’s division throughout AEW’s lifetime. Despite the fact that D.M.D. before the start of the fight, Hayter returned to the ring during the finishing sequence, helping Baker and helping her friend achieve victory.

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The long-term perspective probably plays a role here, but at the moment, giving Baker a victory over the Storm with the same tactics she has used for the past three years seemed outdated. Thunder Rose had to persuade her to agree to a steel cage match so that Hayter wouldn’t interfere, and now AEW has booked her again in the same way? It just seemed like it was time to create a Storm by giving her a “Double or Nothing” match on the map. Winning the tournament would be a great way for All Elite to quickly earn another star for the AEW Women’s division — which they clearly lack. But instead, the audience was treated to the finale, which they had already seen dozens of times.

Maybe that’s the point. The permanent withdrawal formula helped make the cage match between Rose and Baker a star fight for the former. It just seems that returning to this well already seems short-sighted for Storm. However, if all this leads to a big match between Storm and Baker at the top of the Forbidden Door map at the end of June, then this loss will quickly disappear in the rearview mirror.

The likelihood that the Storm will shift to take revenge on Hayter seems good, but AEW has to resist the urge to just constantly end these singles matches with interference. It’s not particularly convincing, and since Storm is a face, it makes her look like she doesn’t have any friends backstage when she’s constantly being robbed 2 on 1. Of course, there’s no guarantee Storm won’t interfere in the Owen Hart Memorial finale during “Double or Nothing” by defeating Baker. and Hayter in the process. AEW can go several ways here, but they should be careful about how they book Storm for the next few weeks. Fans support her, and she seems to share a sincere and heartfelt connection with the audience. She doesn’t have to win all the time, but forcing her to constantly count the lights after being interrupted is also not the best option.