What awaits Director Jujutsu Kaisen in the future?


In 2020, MAPPA Studio made a big leap to become one of the largest studios in Japan, and one of its biggest victories to date has been the kaisen jujutsu. But JJK wouldn’t have been such a hit without the guiding hand of Sunghu Park, a Korean filmmaker whose passion could change the anime landscape.

Like any big name in the industry, Pak has been working in it for much longer than their name is on the tip of people’s tongues. Their animated works can be found in the works of Bones, Sunrise, Production IG, and recently a large sum in MAPPA, where he lent his talents to Garo, Yuri on Ice and Zombieland Saga. After directing GARO: Vanishing Line for MAPPA, in 2020 he took up two projects: Jujutsu Kaisen and The God of High School. Participating in two such action-packed shows should have been exhausting, and probably was, but Park and company. it looked easy. Jujutsu Kaisen has become one of the most beloved of the year and one of the most beautiful to boot.

The sign of the fighter

There are many directors who compose action scenes in such a way that they seem so peculiar that they are immediately associated with action genres. People like Masahiro Ando, for example, create flawless actions even when filming romantic shows like “Snow White with Red Hair.”

The directors of the action films themselves may not animate the whole action, but they see well how it should be arranged, and try to squeeze the maximum out of the staff. Park’s choreography usually includes a lot of realistic characters that ground the action and possibly give it extra impact, making it believable.

In just two years, this man became the captain of Jujutsu Kaisen and its prequel Jujutsu Kaisen 0, defining this series as it exists in animation. Many are interested in the future of JJK, but it’s worth wondering where the Pack will go next, besides this series.

New Studio

Back in March, news broke that Park had founded his own animation studio called E&H Production. Their official website and recruitment page were available, which gave some insight into the current staff and their past work, ranging from “Attack on the Titans” to “Evangelion” and beyond.

Interestingly, the first project of this studio is already known. Back in May Deadline reported that of the new batch of anime produced for Adult Swim, one of the shows will be Ninja Kamui, directed by Park in this new studio. It is co-produced by Sola Entertainment, which produced God of High School and Tower of God, and the Digital Arts division has released many 3D anime.

No matter how exciting the news was that Pak was moving on to new interesting projects, some feared that this meant the end of Pak’s work with MAPPA. Many of the headlines gave the impression that he was done with the studio. Some fans were relieved to hear the news from Anime Expo, seemingly confirming their return, but this news was refuted.

The future of ju-jutsu kaisen

Anime News Network initially reported that during the Jujutsu Kaisen Staff Panel at Anime Expo, Park was indeed the director. However, in a later update, it turned out that no such statement was made, so his participation completely hung in the air.

Although it is unclear which side the coin will fall on, it is more likely that Pak will not participate in this, preferring to work on other projects rather than stay in MAPPA. This is not the first time that employees leave the studio after they have achieved fame, for reasons indicated in overwork and an overabundance of projects.

This is certainly a bitter pill for fans of kaisen ju-jutsu, who, despite their interest in the details of the animation process, undoubtedly found a response from Pak. There are many talented directors, but is there someone who can do for this series what the previous director did? That remains to be seen.

The reputation of MAPPA has been met with great skepticism, however, they continue to do more and more work. They will produce the second season of The Vinland Saga, taking over the duties of Wit Studio, as in the case of Attack on the Titans, while projects such as the new Mari Okada film are still unknown.

In the next year of projects, it will be seen whether MAPPA will be able to maintain its momentum or a brutal awakening awaits it. But it may take more than the passage of time, but rather the voices of industry representatives and the anime community around the world to see how things are going ahead.


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