What Are Your Options When It Comes to Modern Senior Living?


Senior housing can make life easier for everyone. There may come a point in life when you or your loved one finds it harder to live independently. It may be that the stairs in your home are more of a challenge than they used to be. It may be that you have a harder time cooking and cleaning. It could also mean having a harder time getting around the neighborhood – which in a city like Calgary becomes even tougher 6 months of the year.

Moving into a senior living community can be a smart choice for seniors as they get older. But seniors are often reluctant to move out of their homes and into a senior residence. In part, it’s because they may not be aware of their senior housing options in Calgary and how modern senior living has evolved with the times.

Independent Senior Living Communities

Independent senior living is for active seniors who can get by on their own but who enjoy having access to assistance when or if they need it. For example, after a surgery or medical operation, they may have temporarily reduced mobility and need more help than they do in their day-to-day.

But for the most part, the advantage of independent senior living communities is that seniors get to go about their lives independently without having to worry about chores like cooking and grocery shopping all the time.

Generally, senior living communities offer apartment-style living with a cafeteria for meals. Some of these suites even offer their own kitchenettes. They offer a great combination of privacy and community with nearby access to amenities and events.

Independent senior living communities offer a smart way for seniors to downsize without having to worry about moving again should their situation change.

Assisted Living Senior Housing

For seniors who experience more difficulty with getting around or completing everyday tasks, assisted living can be an excellent option to maintain quality of life without depending on family members for regular assistance.

Assisted living provides more help with cooking, cleaning, laundry services, transportation, and even medication management. It’s a style of senior housing that gives residents and their families peace of mind. It’s maintenance-free living that helps you live independently – because you don’t have to worry about things that have become more challenging.
Assisted living residences also provide a robust calendar of social events and activities, from classes to exercise groups that residents may choose to participate in.

Memory Care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Memory care is a special type of care designed for dementia patients and is usually provided in separate units of assisted living residences. Memory care creates a safe and structured environment designed to minimize the stress that residents with dementia may experience.

It involves a more involved type of care and management of time. In assisted living, seniors are responsible for their own time. Assistance is there when they need it, but otherwise residents are independent. Memory care provides a more structured environment and involved care.

There are more options available today for senior living. Learn more about your senior housing options in Calgary and make a plan for your later years today.


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