What are Tommy and Sandra’s limits on “Temptation Island” for V.I.P.?


Where does the fun end with Tommy Pedroni and Sandra Sikora (30)? Two reality TV stars are among four famous couples who will start dating on October 4 at Temptation Island V.I.P. to prove their loyalty. However, hot seductresses and seductresses will make this project not easy for them at all. Did Tommy and Sandra discuss restrictions before the show? Now they have uncovered Promiflash.

In an interview with Promiflash, Sandra says that they are relatively calm about everything: “We talked too much about the rules, so in the end I decided that we would just do what we want, and then see what the partner would do.” Tommy doesn’t believe in clear rules either—but there are still limits for him that his girlfriend shouldn’t cross: “I didn’t set any rules for Sandra. I just told her as soon as I realized she was physically or emotionally attached to someone, let anything else in, I’m coming out.” The brunette also has limitations – if the kiss falls, the relationship will be over for her.

But what will seem worse to them – an emotional or physical connection with the seducer? Sandra has a clear opinion: “For me, a physical relationship would be worse than an emotional one. Emotions cannot be controlled, they can also be strongly influenced by other situations.” Tommy, on the other hand, would find both equally bad, especially if it came from his Sandra.


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